Thanksgiving Day Travel Wear

Hey Lovez! Happy Thanksgiving !!!  I’m actually on my way to my dad’s house right now, on the metro. The hubby and I are actually exited and happy that we finally get a break this year. We cooked two years in a row, yep two years. I mean we cooked... read more

Leather Overalls 90’s Style

Hey Babes!! So I’m completely better -yay!! Can’t thank you enough for your great remedies lol. Okay… so I’m totally wearing my three favorite things, leather,crop top and plaid!! How awesome are these leather overalls ?! I’m super in... read more

* How To Wear Flared Skirts *

Hey luvz! So I’ve been MIA please forgive me {Prayer Hands Emoji} but Ive been sick for a whole entire week, yep a whole goddamn week, like wtf  yo, lol. Ugh…I was so annoyed even went on twitter to complain and to ask for cold remedies. I rarely get... read more

Turbans: The Must Have Hair Accessory

Hey My Luvz! Missed my face:) How are you guys? Right now my tummy is killing me and I really just wanna wash this makeup off that I’ve been wearing all night, but I just realized that I’m out of makeup wipes, so now the process will be a whole lot longer... read more

My Top Tips For Picking A Cocktail Dress

Hey Loves! In my opinion, every girl should own a cocktail dress; it’s the go-to garment for a variety of occasions. From weddings to office parties, cocktail dresses can be worn to all sorts of events; which is why they are a wardrobe must-have. If you don’t already... read more

How To Look Incredible On A Tiny Budget

Maklemore I love fashion. I will go to the ends of the earth to find a great outfit, and sometimes pay way too much than I bargained for. But in reality, I know as much as the next person, that affordability is key. Most of us have a household budget. Somewhere within... read more


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