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Hi All- Cant believe we are in mid December like where is time going gohh. I cant believe in 3 weeks or so we are in January in a brand new year which means next yr my son is 4 hahah -Okay let me not get ahead of myself lol… Seriously tho this has been an exiting yr for me and alot of great opportunities has opened up. I got to attend so many shows this past fashion week …I entered an H&M contest and came 2nd place in New York with the help of my old H.S. friends voting nonstop. I cant believe I had so many ppl in my corner plus my online friends on Insta and Facebook. I didn’t win anything for being in 2nd place;/ but I felt good knowing I had you guys full support.
However recently I was contacted my an HnM director who knew nothing of the contest and just really love my blog and asked me to do a runway video for the billboard at the New H&M store in Times Square NYC which has been up for a month already so make sure if you are in NYC to check it out. Last week I got to meet the Lovely Donna Karan and had breakfast with her she’s truly amazing. If you are following me on Instagram then you would have already known:) So follow me!!! :)
Wow I wonder whats left for December – oh my family started a couple of traditions this year too we found a excellent place to watch fireworks which we will revisit every year. We went to the Bronx Zoo for their Halloween Parade. I cooked for the first time on Thanksgiving and now we are getting ready to see the Train show at the Botanical gardens for Christmas. I did loose a couple relationships/friendships and had a few disappointments this year but I ended up achieving more without those ppl in my life. So things fall apart so better things can fall together:)

Okay moving on-I had a serious moment with you all:)

About My outfit I freaking love long coats in the winter well Fall still lol especially wool ones that keep you nice and toasty when you are wearing cropped shirts Ha! Luckily for me it wasn’t too cold. The tee I’m wearing is so cute lol I bet you’re like what does it say?? I got it from that cool online store I spoke about in a recent post Naked Wardrobe

What I Wore: Tee (Here) Disco Pants; American Apparel (Similar) Shoes- Necessary clothing( Similar)Bag H&M- but this is what I really want(Here) Lipstick Ruby Woo Coat;Steve Madden (Similar)