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Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in All Categories, Editorial | 52 comments

::Sheer Is The New Sexy::

::Sheer Is The New Sexy::

Hey my luvbugs!! Are you finished screaming yet?? LOl yes I cut off all my hair. Why? because change is good for you and life is about evolving and actively creating change, as well as learning how to go with the flow when inevitable change comes our way.I literally made this decision in a week yes one week this was not something I planned for awhile, which is usually what people do when it comes to making drastic decisions. But I was decisive and that’s a good thing. Of course when I ran the idea by my family members they objected because my hair was always really long if you have been following me for while then you know its always down my back. I almost changed my mind so I decided just to do it and they will be seeing it for the first time with you all today:)
I love the person I’m becoming and I encourage all of you to take risks with your fashion and hair- try not to get stuck in a rut. I’m not saying every change will be good ones but you tried, which means growth…plus if its your hair you can always get a wig:) Feel free to email me if you need encouragement or share this article with someone you think might need it.

On to this dress!!! I love it its sheer and sexy. I got it from my favorite Go- to website for fabulous dresses . I wore it to a Donna karan’s show/ event in NYC. everyone loved it including the beautiful Rita Ora who was in attendance. Sheer and lace is definitely this seasons biggest trend it’s very feminine and flirty which is why I just adore it:)

Dress I wore previously for (Here)

Pics by Lad Caps

What I wore: Dress Designer O’Blanc


    So elegant, my lady! Great colours! Kisses from Germany- Anna

    • Kelly

      Thx Anna!

  • iesha

    OH.MY.GOD. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! lol. We’re twinsies now! I hope you keep it short. It looks great! And that dress is amazing!


    • Kelly

      yep twinning I will babe:)

  • Tori | Glasses and Glitter

    Love your hair and the dress! Amazing!

    • Kelly

      Thx Tori baby!

  • Sunny @ LouisvilleSlugger

    Your hair is fabulous!!! I love short hair because it makes your face stand out more. (the majority of my family are long haired women!)

    • Kelly

      thx so much sunny!! and you were following me before all the weaves lol ….Im really getting use to it:)

  • Berty Morales

    Very stunning. What an amazing look, and adoring your hair! Gorgeous!

    • Kelly

      Thx so much Berty!

  • Sing



    Absolutely stunning!!!! Love your hair!!!!

    • Kelly

      thx babe!!!

  • Sarah Enuwa Audu

    Love it and your hair is giving me life

    • Kelly

      yes!!!!! :) Im glad lol

  • Tay Singleton

    That dress is gorgeous! I think this is the look Tamar SHOULD have gone for at the awards show instead of that sheer jumpsuit situation :)

    • Kelly

      hahhahah Im dying in laughter:) thx babe

  • Fashion Pad

    OMG I never heard of this site but I’m going there NOW, lol. You look fabulous and your hair is gorgeous. Fab from head to toe diva!!!

    • Kelly

      lol yea check them out- thx babe!

  • Hadrien’s Factor
  • Kreyola

    You look so pretty in this outfit. Just wow!!!!

    • Kelly

      thx Kreyola darling:)

  • Missy May

    You look stunninggggg, Kelly!! The hair suits you and the dress is fab.
    *Much love!*

    • Kelly

      u so sweet to me:)

  • Kurves

    You look Amazing and that dress fits you like a glove! MackTak should pay you to showcase this dress.

    • Kelly

      hahahah :)

  • chictherapy

    You look AMAZING!!

    • Kelly

      thx u sweets!

  • EMA

    You look absolutely stunning! What a beautiful dress!

  • Maggie A

    OOOHHHHH MYYYY GAAAAAH!! Well You’ve always had a head full of healthy gorgeous hair anyway so its no big deal really. I love the cut it literally makes you look like a celeb. I have to admit when I first started transitioning to natural I just wanted it to grow fast but my growth got stagnant very quickly (as a matter of fact it still is now). I LOVED styling it when it was short though, afros, puff ponytails, fake buns, faux hawks ….. now its at that awkward length where I can’t really do much with it so I just wash and tuck it under a wig unless I’m home lol. (I’m rambling).

    I lOVE this dress on you. That is amazing that Rita Ora complimented you.. she has such amazing style!!

    Maggie A

    • Kelly

      aww maggie u are the best!!! thx luv

  • Enkay Ede

    super SEXYYYYYYY…this outfit is amazingly gorgeous and so is your hair…pretty
    please ure welcome to come check out my blog

  • Lauren Hopkins

    I LOVE this post! Your hair is fabulous and looks amazing on you! As does the dress!

  • beautycindy2002

    This is chic! u look so cute on your new hair

  • Uzo O

    I love this dress,and the colour definitely suits your skin tone. sheer is trending.



  • Baby Shopaholic

    LOVE the hair and you look stunning!

  • Jaela Lopez

    You look absolutely beautiful I love it. You are surely beautiful and the hair is a +. So happy for you and all your success. God bless

  • Kelly

    Thx Guys xo

  • Diane A.

    Wow you look stunning!

  • Jeimy Hernandez

    i’m loving the hair I think it looks amazing on you and change is always good! now this dress my gosh simply gorgeous!!!!


    Oh My Gosh! You are so stunningly beautiful babe.
    Love the blog, love the outfits and especially this dress.

  • Joy Shana

    You look stunning hun


  • HauteStepper

    Absolutely gorge!!!! Love the entire look and the hair…OMGawwwdddd 2haute2handle :)

    • Kelly

      lol thx babe

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    The hair is perfect for you, it’s shows off your gorgeous face! And that dress…all I can say is Wow!


    Have a great week, my sexy Lady!
    Kisses from Germany- Anna

  • melissafff

    Wow the shorter do looks amazing on u …. Gorge dress and the color is everything

  • fifth n sixth

    You look stunning, absolutely stunning. Love that dress and your hair cut, and I think you just inspired me, not sure I’m that bold but will definitely think about this post. Thanks for wonderful inspiration.

    Have a great week!

  • Eesh

    You’re glowing doll!
    I absolutely adore the haircut. Change is good and you’re werkin’ it!

    Now on to that dress! YASSSS!!!! I screamed alright, not for your hair but for the love of that gown! I am so into sheer and lace these days, it’s ridic. You are absolutely gorgeous.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  • Michellette “Mimi” Green

    I love it and that dress is everything. You working it. The one thing I change the MOST is my hair. I love to try new things.

  • Lady à la Mode

    That color looks absolutely stunning on you! you’re gorgeous!


    Lady à la Mode

    • Kelly

      thx babe I tried viisting your blog but I didnt see the comment section :(

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