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Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in All Categories | 28 comments

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

DSC_0008 (3)
Hey my Luv Bugz!!
::Sigh:: I know right.. who starts a post sighing lol well forgive me I’m being real Gohhh…I know positive vibes thoughts etc no negative vibes but seriously the last two weeks have been insane. Last week I ended up having Toxic Eye shock smh because I put a creme on in the night which wasn’t absorbed properly in my skin and got into my eye. My eye was crazy red for two days and I had to see the eye doctor to in turn find out what was going on… now I’m on meds for 2 weeks…I know… then it rained all wkd so I couldn’t take pix for you all the way I wanted to.
Then this week my 3 yr old got extremely sick which cause me to miss 2 days from work. He is still currently sick but he will be ok. I really want this week over I think I might just get a new tattoo lol.

Moving on…How bright and spring appropriate is this blazer and to think its thrifted maybe my best thrift find ever. The color is amazing and is right on trend since orange is this seasons “It” color. Any bright blazer actually can easily achieve this look. I swear by blazers-they are like lil black dresses so invest in a few.


What I wore: Orange Blazer (Here) Distressed Jeans
(Here) and (Here) Heels (Here) Clutch(Here) and (Here)

Photographer- James Williams

  • Never Dessert You

    Love. Where is the scarf and necklace from?

  • Sarah Enuwa Audu

    Get well soon and your 3 year old too. Sorry you had a down week. I love your blazer though, great thrift find

  • Sing

    That blazer looks delish. lol

  • Maggie A

    Yikes! Sounds like you’ve had the only hectic week! Glad you and baby are getting better though. You look absolutely great. That blazer is so spring!!! I love it!

    Maggie A

  • Miss Glenesse

    Love this look! Seriously, everything about it. Down to the make-up, you did this RIGHT!. Cant wait to get home and pin this to my Pinterest (its blocked here at my job) ♥♥

    • Kelly

      hahah thx babe

  • Cookie at Takei Inspirations™

    I’m glad your baby is feeling better! You look fab as always I love the headwrap on you and your makeup is flawless. Where is the necklace from?

    • Kelly

      Thx babe!! I got it from HnM a while back

  • Kurves

    Glad to hear that you are better, This orange niceness looks Great on you and since I love all things orange, it’s perfect!

  • Amanda CW

    oh wow this look is so stunning!

  • Kreyola

    Sorry to hear about your week. Man when it rains something, it really pours :(. Lovely outfit and yeah I want to invest in some blazer for sure. Cute outfit and I just love how you did your head wrap…must look into this now lol.

    • Kelly

      :) thx babe!!

  • Jaela Lopez

    Gorgeous my dear…Love your makeup and this look my dear….LOVE

  • Laura Whitman

    Orange is such a great color on you! Sorry to hear about everything going on!



    • Kelly

      Thanks Laura -it was alot!

  • Kelly

    Thx so much guys!!!

  • MsSole

    Such a great look love all the colors hun

    I blog here:

  • Tiffany

    Kellz you look aaahfreaknmazing!! I love this look from head to toe!! girl you killed it!!

    • Kelly

      thx luv!!!

  • Samantha Jangira

    Gorgeous! Love the vibrant colours!

  • francesca r

    you look fab with that turban on!!! I love your jacket!

    Don’t Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  • sophia lastyle

    So Fabulous, love the colours just perfect.

  • Sunny @ LouisvilleSlugger

    I hope you have a better week. Love the blazer!

  • Manases Andrea

    Fantastic colors and a perfect combination.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it!


    You are a rock star!!

  • Eesh

    Everything about that outfit is calling out to me!
    That head wrap is EVERYTHING!
    Gosh I have so much catching up to do with your posts. Hope you’re having a great weekend & you & your kid are feeling much much better by now!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  • Zainab

    This look is everything, i’m in love with the head wrap and blazer.

  • Briana

    The head wrap and the colors are awesome Kelly! You are so well put together.


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