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Missed me? I hope you guys got a chance to check out all the great post this week on the blog Here. Here. Here. So we finally got our first snow storm in NYC last wkd. As much as I hate the snow….I’m Jamaican we nuh like snow (Patois accent) lol. I definitely did enjoy being “snowed in” with my favorite guys, it was everything. I cooked, we played games and watched movies. X loved it, although he was mad that we didn’t go out and play in the snow on Saturday, we did on Sunday though. Oh I decided to do my hair all by myself again:) I’m so proud. I did a relaxer and I colored it all by myself during the storm. This is a big deal for me you guys!! It’s a bit long though, so I will be headed to the salon today for a little cut. What did you guys do during the storm?


On Sunday we decided to take some pics in this beautiful winter coat, that I want to sleep in. This coat is absolutely stunning and the quality is great. It’s  warm and comfy and the length is perfect. This coat will have everyone heads turning to stare at you with envy. I’m sure all the stares I got were most likely women saying, no fair! Why does she look so great in this weather? hahha. What I love about this look, is that,it’s effortless. Anyone can pull off this look, all you need is this coat in your life! The trick about buying the right coat is the fit. Any coat you purchase this winter dolls, especially if it’s thrifted-make sure it’s tailored. The fit will make or break the look, so make sure it fits your body just right.


What I Wore: 

Coat Get HereGet Here

Jeans Get Here  &  Get Here

Sunnies Get Here Love these Get Here

Heels Get Here


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