isflowerdress51016 (6)Hey Beautifulz-

How are you guys? Please forgive me for my absence as I’m currently working on Wrapqueen. Make sure you enter your email, so you can be alerted once the site is up. I have not been getting much sleep lately which makes me cranky and hungry lol. I’m so exited you guys and can’t wait for you all to see and give me your feed back. I’ve been a busy bee lately too, going to events and networking. Met some really amazing people, cant wait to start collaborating and doing great things.

Lately It has been cold and wet in NYC for the past couple of weeks. I was so exited when we got a nice day on Sunday, for mother’s day. I had to bring out this dress, which has been literally sitting in my closet. Don’t you love that moment, when you feel like you have nothing to wear, and then, voila, you find a gem in your closet. That’s exactly what this dress was for me. I felt so dainty and girly. I love the length of it too. I absolutely love that the bottom is see-thru, it makes the dress so sexy.

isflowerdress51016 (5)

My mother’s day was awesome. Xavier gave me a card he made for me at school, and hubby gave me sun flowers (My Fave) with a gift card to the spa. Hubby made brunch and this is what I wore in my house, LOL. James made salmon with snow crab legs {Yummers}. We really don’t like dealing with the crowds at the restaurants. Later that afternoon we stopped by families houses to drop off cards and gifts.

beyonce lemonade videoI was so happy,literally skipping down the street as you can see…Oh and I was totally humming Beyonce’s song the whole time. “Hold up they don’t love you like I love you” lol. I swore I was her in the video, walking down the street, just needed a yellow dress. haha


isflowerdress51016 (2)

I changed up my hair style a bit,as I was bored doing it myself and wanted a different look, so I visited my favorite hair dresser in Brooklyn. Funny thing is, I was over this look in a about a week lol.  Who else does this? :)Honestly I’m the happiest wearing my headwrap.  Anywho its almost 1am in the morning but I wanted to say hello to you all. Love u to bits

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