When it comes to rocking great hair and sporting stunning makeup, there is something very worthwhile learning first. Making the most of your facial features, of course! There are ways to make these look their best no matter what you’ve been blessed with. So, read on to learn more…

Schedule haircuts with familiar hairdressers

Hair Salon

A big part of making your facial features look their best is the haircut you chose to accompany them. So, if you have a long face, having long hair can draw out your features and make your face look even longer. Meanwhile, some faces really don’t suit bangs or central partings. Some hairstyles can make wider noses look even bigger- even if they’re not even that big! So, consider booking your haircut with a hairdresser who understand your features, background and face shape. If they don’t, they may not give you a hairstyle that truly suits you. Hair can make a big difference to the rest of your look, and to your appearance. I l only go to one person when I get my hair cut short, I don’t say a word and she knows exactly what to do.IslandChic77 Modern Traditional African Print Dress

Make your eyes pop, not disappear

There are a wide variety of face shapes out there, but also a wide variety of eye shapes. These are accompanied by lots of different shapes and sizes of eyelids. While a small part of your face and an even smaller part of your body, your eyelids can make a big difference! If you have thin or thick ones will make a difference to what kind of eye make will suit you. Your eye color also has a big influence here. So, makeup for brown eyes should be slightly different to that for blue or green eyes, for example. There are certain eyeshadow colors that make brown eyes pop (like blue and green!). Knowing which ones make your eyes look the best is an important lesson that always be useful.


Mix foundations to make your foundation flawless

It tends to be the case that finding a great foundation gets harder the darker your skin is. There seems to be loads of products out there for paler skins. However, they get rarer as they get darker! If you want to find a foundation that truly suits your skin tone, you might need to get creative. Try mixing two different shades together. If you go to a makeup counter, you can ask one of the staff to do this for you. They will know their shades better, and you can, therefore, do the experimentation without any cost to you. While it will cost you double to buy two products, not one, it will last twice as long! Oh and remember to ask for samples too.

 Find beauty products that aid accentuation

There are a number of ways that you can accentuate your best features. Give yourself cheekbones with a subtle sweep of highlighter on your upper cheeks. Also, pop some highlighter under your eyebrows to make them more defined.

Make your lips look extra-full and juicy with lip liner. Experiment with different application techniques and amounts. Do this until you get the perfect look to make your features stand out.

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