During the colder months, using chemically enhanced products to maintain your hair can have a severe drying effect. So it can be the perfect time to give your tresses a break from all that hardship. Which means that there isn’t a better time to try out a weave or a headwrap. It gives you a chance to rock a new hairstyle and see how it could look before taking the plunge. However, they can cause damage if they are not maintained correctly. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some secret tips to keeping that weave looking it’s best.

Go to a professional to get your weave done


Many people who consider having a weave will relax their hair regularly from using chemically enhanced products. Which means that the scalp is much more sensitive. This is why it can be important to let someone else who is a professional put the weave in for you. They will be cautious as to high tightly it is placed in. If it is too tight, it can cause unnecessary breakage to the hair underneath. Which is something you will want to avoid.

Only buy the best quality

Anyone considering having this done will want to ensure they have the Best hair weave available. Which is why it may seem obvious, but always opt for what you can afford. This is something that will be put in for sometime, and if not done right, could cause more damage than good. Save yourself the heartache and by good quality.

Keep your weave in for at least three months


A three month time frame for a weave is just about right to ensure that the hair underneath is getting a break and grows naturally. It enables the growth to take place without the issues of heat damage and the use of chemicals put on it. Plus, buying something of high quality from the start means you will want to get your money’s worth.

Don’t overwash your weave

It’s important not to overwash your weave, and when you do ensure that you only give it a light wash. It is recommended to do it every four-six weeks. This can be done at home, but it might be worth heading to a salon to ensure that the weave is washed thoroughly. It also gives you the chance to use a hair dryer instead of a blow dryer, which is much better for the weave.

Don’t oil your hair oil your scalp

It’s a great tip to maintain your scalp by applying oil every three days, but avoid getting any oil on your weave. This can make it seem brittle and stiff or appear greasy. Try and refrain from using your standard products as these can be too heavy on the weave and make it lose its mobility, therefore looking like a hat. (LOL)

Finally, don’t relax your hair straight away when you remove the weave. Your scalp will be sensitive. I hope these tips help you keep your weave looking on point throughout the winter months ahead.

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