Ahhh, the little black dress. It has been a staple in every woman’s wardrobe for decades. But have you ever noticed that some little black dresses are really not cut for every woman? Just like any other garment, it is essential you shop for your shape. Choose the right flattering neckline, skirt cut, and length to suit the body you have. But how can you tell which is right for you?

Well, there are advantages to not knowing the answer to that question. It means you have to try on lots of dresses to find out! Browsing aside, you can head straight for a dress that is most likely to fit you by paying attention to four key body areas:

Your shoulders

Your chest

Your waist

Your hips and thighs



If you have stronger, broader shoulders, then why not flatter this shape with long sleeves? With a wider V-neck line, you can give the illusion that there is more in the middle and less on the edges if your shape bothers you. Of course, if you only have very slender shoulders, you’ll have nothing to hold up this incredibly strong, femme fatale look! Small narrow shoulders can look more rounded with a no-sleeve, high neckline cocktail dress.


Let’s face it, we’re all very different on top. The bigger you are, the more you might be tempted to flaunt it. Certainly, any tight top with a pencil skirt is going to accent your assets. To balance things out, choose a flared skirt and capped shoulders. The material should be soft and light rather than glossy and satin-like. Detail to the edges will really complement this style.



Control pants are essential for that hourglass figure we all desire. An A-line or petticoat skirt can give the illusion there is even less around your middle. Of course, if you have the curves around your hips and thighs, you might prefer to show all this off with something figure-hugging.

Hips and Thighs

Lots of ladies are very self-conscious about hips and thighs. This is naturally where body fat tends to sit, and it plays an important role in protecting the bones in this area. If you speak to any liposuction expert, they’ll usually claim that you have to be at your ideal weight to make this type of surgery effective. Or you might embrace your curvy figure and pick a dress with a long skirt and a high split to show  a little of those gorgeous legs- yassss!!


There are so many styles of dress that suit every body shape. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself large or petite, pear-shaped or apple. Small chested girls look just as feminine and glamorous in a little black dress as the most voluptuous woman. Yes, you should wear underwear that holds you to your very best shape. No, you should never wear a dress you’re not comfortable in.

Don’t forget, every little black dress deserves some incredible killer heels. These will tighten and shape your calves like a gee!! lol. What’s your style?

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