Hey My loves!

It’s May- haha yes I know almost mid May can you believe it?! I’ve been gone forever but it has been a busy month especially it being my birthday month as well as the hubby. We really didn’t do much just dinner and work but we are hoping to maybe do something special this weekend if we get some time- especially since it’s Mothers Day weekend. Took these pix recently after grabbing a quick-lunch with the hubbz I ended up spilling sauce on my shirt and had to wear my jacket closed up the entire time lol I almost cried because I had the cutest shirt underneath. I decided to wear sweatpants because usually at that time of the month I hate jeans 🙁 so these sweatpants were perf-  I  plan on posting alot more I have already been doing so on Instagram stories so make sure you are following me there.

What I wore:

Jacket (M) {Here} Pants {Here} Love these (Here) Necklace; Sold out (Similar)Shoes (Here) (Similar) (Similar)   Headwrap {Here}


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