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There is almost nothing better than feeling satisfied with your job role. Being satisfied doesn’t necessarily mean believing your job to be easy. A healthy career is one that challenges you, connects you, and gives you room to develop your skills. Without this it’s easy to fall into a sense of lethargy and boredom. However, sometimes the opposite can be true. Despite the fact that you’re no doubt an empowered woman absolutely competent in your field, sometimes we can work jobs that positively drain us completely.m

In these moments it’s best to try and find better ways to care for yourself, and ways to change the workload to something more realistic. I recommend you try the following:

Prize Your Sleep

Sleep is absolutely the most important thing when it comes to functioning from day to day. Without a good amount of sleep (roughly 7-8 hours for a healthy adult,) you will find yourself mimicking the same feeling as mild intoxication. You wouldn’t consider caring for yourself the same as turning up to work drunk, so prioritizing your sleep could be the best thing you do for the life and health of your entire career. Trust me!!! I’ve dealt with it!

Learn To Say ‘No’

Of course, grabbing time to care for yourself in this way is not always appreciated. Sometimes jobs continue to pile work on you which then leads to no personal life.  This, of course, isn’t what’s actually happened – all departments can become overburdened and try to prioritize task completion over letting a project fail.

However, losing yourself in the process is neither desirable nor something to recommend, and it can truly leave you feeling lost in the wilderness. Learning the power of the word ‘no’ can bring you back to reality, give you the strength to manage realistic expectations of what is required from you. It might also be that saying ‘no’ is the most important thing for your professional development.

Working hard is one thing, but losing yourself to it is another. With this managers and bosses respect you, and if they refuse to listen at least you will have the inner strength to make a job change immediately, training for better horizons such as with an online MSN degree from home. When you have this inner will, anything is possible okay ladies!!

Artful Communication

Artfully communicating with your colleagues can be very helpful to improve your ability to focus day to day. This means making use of brevity and eviscerating unnecessary dialogue from your day. Small talk is nice, but sometimes to the point communication can work the best when you’re pushed for time, or simply have so much on your mind you cannot afford to get distracted. It can also help you skillfully but respectfully avoid the pain of interacting with people who detract from your day (we all know people like this at work.) After all, sometimes to care for yourself properly you need to be a little selfish.

With these tips, you can be sure that self-care when working an intense job becomes a little more practical and realistic to achieve. Remember to prioritize your own care over the requirements of anyone else, and you will find yourself in with a chance of truly becoming better and realizing why you started the career in the first place.



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