The Main Reasons Women Go For Plastic Surgery!

Kim Kardashian Everybody’s figure is different but some women don’t like a particular part of their body. Whether they think their not attractive or their breasts are too big or small, there is often something they wish to change. In fact, this article revealed 97% of...

7 Tips To Stay Up To Date With The Latest Fashion Style

Design and fashion sense comes to some people as naturally as eating a hamburger. To others, the very mention of these words can cause severe anxiety, making them fall short of ideas and motivation to go on. To those whom it may concern, it’s all in your head! Take...

Open Studio Art Gallery With Tim Okamura

Hey My loves! So it has legit been a while, I know, sorry but your girl has been putting in work, work, work , work, lol. I will be launching a new head wrap line soon, yay. And I am beyond exited and can’t wait for you all to see it, make sure you sign up, if...

Oh Glow Up! Highlight Your Skin For The Summer

The Summer time is the perfect time to let your skin breathe. Vitamin D is important for our health, beauty, and well being. After taking precautions with SPF and sunscreen, it’s natural to want to wear a little less makeup in the warmer months. Our pores open when we...

Gluten Free BBQ Chicken Pizza

Make it a pizza night and dive head first into baking a savory gluten free pizza from scratch! With toppings like crispy chicken, tangy barbecue sauce, fresh herbs and cheese; there won’t be a single slice leftover. It’s the perfect end of week meal that is especially...

Easter in Bushwick With The Fam

Hey my loves! I’ve been MIA for a bit but I have an explanation;) I was preparing for Easter since I had entirely no clue that it  was in March, so I had to prepare. I bought eggs for Xavier to paint, which I have never done before so I panicked because I wanted it to...

Wrap Queen

Headwraps and Apparel For the Modern Queen


SheIn -Your Online Fashion Print Dress



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