At the Bow Bridge In My Bow Wrap

Hey My lovelies!! Thanks so much for being patient with me, I know you all are were like where the hek is her outfit posts? But so far January has been a busy one for me, as I’m trying to evolve and make this website much better. As I grow and acquire new... read more

New Years Eve Attire

Hey Guys!! It will be 2016 in a few hours,and I’m blogging gosh… I had planned on taking the day to relax and watch old movies that I missed in 2015 and eat non stop and sleep and maybe even read a book, but the way the day is looking I strongly believe I... read more

Still In The Holiday Spirit

Hey Loves! I can’t believe we are almost in a new year and the holiday is almost over!! Ahhhhhhhh, yes that’s me screaming lol. I get like this every single year I can’t handle it. I hate change but change is good very good actually, and if you are... read more

Wearing Nudes On Christmas Day

Hey Loverz! I have to update you all on everything… you all know I love to ramble:) First off I want to say Merry Christmas you guys and thanks so much for sticking with me another year, I love and appreciate all of you. Virtual Hug Okay so we have been having... read more


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