Ruby Woo & Short Hair

Hey My loves! Sooo I cut my hair again (Covers Eyes). I  always knew I would cut it again, but I did not think I would so soon. The last time I cut it here I really was in desperate need of change and I wanted to start over, but this time around I didn’t feel as... read more

Final Daze In My Swimsuit

Hey My Beautifuls! It’s been a while I know but honestly the last week and a half has been crazy. So lets talk about it:) I took off  1 week from work because I had to take care of my lil guy since school was still out. We went to all the best sprinkler parks in... read more

A Fall Guide to Wearing All Black Everything

The all black everything trend is a look loved by celebrities and… Well… everybody. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t need to be boring or bland. The all black everything look can be fun, sophisticated, and polished. This guide will help you to pull... read more

Beach Days Are The Best Days

Hey Babeas! I love going to the beach…It’s so relaxing I can literally stay out there all day long with the loves of my life! Usually we get up extremely early so we can secure a nice spot on the beach. I almost always bring a huge umbrella and... read more

Neutrals In the Summer

Hey Hey Hey!! Happy Friday! How are you guys? Tell me I want to know:) So I’ve been obsessed with all things neutral this summer Pinterest has me going cray cray lol. Dont you wish that whatever you pinned on Pinterest would automatically appear in your closet... read more

Swimsuit Season Continues Pt. 2

Hey My Loves! Happy Monday! Things are starting to calm down on my side which I’m exited about lord knows I need a break from all the chaos. It was really taking a toll on me and my family as well, but now the universe seems to be cooperating with me . I went to... read more

How I Accessorize for a Special Occasion

 I just love getting dressed for a special occasion. It’s a great excuse to put a lovely outfit together and wear my favorite accessories. Accessorizing can really help to enhance and outfit and make it look so much better in just a few simple steps. Here’s how I... read more


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