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Trench Coat Season

Is it really Fall if you don’t own a Trench Coat? Yea I didn’t think so. I mean I’m not gonna lie I have a few trench coats, but this is my first time owning a neutral color which is so weird to me as this nude...

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Jeans And A Nice Shirt

Hey my Babaysss- How are you guys? Can you believe here we are in November -listen I’m probably gonna be saying that for the rest of the year honestly because like wtf I can’t believe 2021 is over. To be honest 2021...

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Red Blazer And Matching headwrap

Hey My loves! It’s Mid August and I did absolutely nothing this Summer….Well I did decorate my new house a lil bit- but honestly I’ve just been focusing on the business. I feel like the hubbz and I are...

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Improving Your Social Life

An important part of anyone’s life is their social life. If you don’t have much of a social life going on for you right now, that is something that we all go through from time to time, and there is no shame in it. However, you...

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