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Emerald Green Mini Skirt

Hey my loves! So excited to be wearing this mini skirt finally. I actually bought it last Summer as I was so obsessed with this one here I need to re-wear it this season as well. Are you guys into lil mini skirts too? I find them super sexy and feminine. I love to...

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It’s all about the Jeans

Hey My loves! It's June 1st ahhhhhhh like how lord I'm not even gonna start because like howwwww. The fact that I only have 6 months to crush these goals I have for myself is terrifying and exciting at the same time. I just got butterflies in my tummy just now saying...

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A Day In Soho

Hey My loves!Ahhhh screaming because April is almost done like wow how is it possible. My birthday is literally next week and I have nothing planned sigh...Ooooh I just got an idea for a youtube video I'll ramble on. We recently went to Soho in New York. Well James...

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