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A Day In Soho

Hey My loves!Ahhhh screaming because April is almost done like wow how is it possible. My birthday is literally next week and I have nothing planned sigh...Ooooh I just got an idea for a youtube video I'll ramble on. We recently went to Soho in New York. Well James...

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Bright Colors All Spring!

Hey My loves!It's Spring in NYC. Well that's until today ....when we had a snow storm hahaha smh. I literally have to laugh cuz wtf bruh was I wearing open toe heels just this weekend and now I'm in winter boots shoveling my front door steps. Anyway I'm so...

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My Ulta Must Haves

Hey My loves! I'm a huge Ulta and Sephora fan and I always make sure to re-up on these whenever I'm there. I live 30 mins away from anUlta now so I take advantage when I go. Oh in case you didn't know, if an Ulta doesn't have the item you need you can order in store...

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