hahha I had to do it- the name of my post I mean lol …. I’m pretending to be the Infamous Ms Cleo u know that phrase where she says Call me Now for you’re reading…Omg Dave Chapelle did a funny skit on his show poking fun at her he’s like CALL ME NOW FOR YOU’RE BOMBACLAT READING hahahhaha the word “Bombaclat” is a curse word in Jamaican language so It was even more hilarious to me…Look it up Dave Chapllee is a very funny Comedian for all who does not know him. And Ms Cleo is a big time fake she was suppose to be a psychic reader …but now she is spending her days in jail for scamming people..SMHPhotobucketOh I’m also sorry I was gone along time…so much as been happening and I was a busy bee again so first off I’m going to be in a fashion show coming up Dec 11th and you choose you’re own music , clothing makeup etc, James is my manager hahaha… I’m exited but nervous since I haven’t worked out since lil man:( I’m mainly doing it because its a great way to network which I’m all about- plus I can always look back and say I did that during my youth and definitely after having a baby…I will keep yall posted. I’m going shopping Saturday I need two outfits one to wear to the event and another for the actual fashion show. wish me luck!! Also last week I met the most amazing lady on the train we travel the same route everyday and she was rocking a Turban and I told her I loved it and we talked the whole way to work and guess what she surprised me with two this week..how nice is that? I swear if you give out good energy it will come back to you…if you are reading Thx again!!!! Oh one more thing …I know- u see what happens when I’m gone too long I cant shutup:)so I miss showing you guys outfits I create everyday because they are actually pretty good:)but James doesn’t work at my office anymore plus its dark at freaking 4pm and my house is not a good place for pics but I decided Ill have hubby snap a pic of me everyday when I get in- maybe in the lobby and I will show you guys that…then on the wkds I’ll do lots of pics for you guys….deal??? xoxoxo n thx for following!!!

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketI decided to carry along my jeans blazer just incase… the hubby actually prefers the blazer what do u guys think?? I prefer the Fur vestPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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