hey hey hey-

Missed u all:)  so can u all believe I’m wearing sneakers cant believe it my self lol but I actually like them alot and loved this look I created too… I think I did sneakers once before on my blog but not like this- so different from the dressy me…it was like the naughty me …..Oh N I did not intentionally rip these stockings they tore on their own and I had them awhile now but didn’t want to throw them out because I knew I would wear them someday and I did….so sometimes it pays to be a hoarder hahha
Incase you are wondering what my title means, its basically saying “Im a Rude girl/bad girl… that’s how you would say it my native language (patois)
Oh and guess what you guys will be seeing alot of me soon very soon actually.. I’m not saying anymore but I still cant believe it!!!  I’m so nervous yet exited for  whats ahead especially with school and all but the opportunity is incredible.. I will keep you guys posted so don’t you worry…sounds good:) oh I had to include this song by Rihanna(old) and incase you didn’t know shes my new love:) well second to Miss Bee of course!!

love u guys



PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Wearing: H&M Faux fur coat F21 shorts; Target tights f21 Tee, Gojane sneakers Headscarf  CVS

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