Hi Darlins-
How are you? so It’s Fathers day and I didn’t get to spend time with my Daddy today..well because he works all day and then I had to take out the Hubby as well. Since Xavier came into our lives I have not really spent a Fathers day with my Dad ;/ But luckily last weekend June 9th was his Birthday so we spend plenty of time I took him out for dinner and then we stopped by his elementary school reunion party ….which I did not want to go lol but he made me….I guess it was meant to be because 1) They had a photographer there who took a photo of my Dad and I which I will keep forever 2)  he was also able to take couple shots of me in this outfit for you all to see, so I guess it wasn’t all bad then…right? You can visit him on his Facebook page Here don’t forget to visit X and I blog Here



Wearing, Asos Skirt, F21 Shoes, Mango Tank, Necklace H&M

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