Hi Loviez-
It’s been awhile I missed yall so much had an hectic week last week I lost one of my fave errings and I cant find these sunnies I’m wearing in the picture. I also lost my wedding ring at jersey shore this wkd at the beach and then had someone with a medal detector find it gosh after I realized it was missing 45 minutes later it was pretty crazy I cried especially because James just bought me new rings in January so yea by the time I found it there was a huge crowd cheering for me hahah….   Then before going on one of the rides before we left, I gave James my necklace and he dropped it and it fell through an opening and got lost wtf right? My life is so Dramatic.!!!
 xoxo IMG_5416IMG_5435IMG_5467IMG_5424IMG_5476IMG_5480IMG_5503IMG_5505
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What I’m Wearing

Shirt Thrifted
Pants +Bag Hnm
Shoes Random Boutique
Jewelry F21

 P.S I’m obsessed with my earrings

 Pix taken by Leslie

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