ic77batgirlskirt 024 (1)Hey Guys-

So if you paid any attention to my last post lol which I’m sure you did ::Side eye:: šŸ™‚ you would recognize the Batman shirt that I had on my Wishlist I’m including the link here just incase https://islandchic77.com/2013/04/05/my-springsummer-wish-list/ I have always loved Batman he is the best super hero ever and it just so happens that my Hubby loves him too and we have trained X to love him as well haha. We mostly love Batman becuz he’s smart lol and I think he’s the cutest lol.

I have been trying to find a shirt forever since both my boyz have one but couldn’t find the perfect one without it looking Kiddy but when I saw this one I loved it and knew I wanted to dress it up and I’m sure it would look great dress down with some sneakers – but I wanted to show you another way to wear it or any super hero or playful top of your choice. Top & Shoes F21 -Skirt H&M

Thanks for your wonderful comments I smile when I see them šŸ™‚ make sure you leave a link to your blog Iā€™d be sure to visit ya!!

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