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Hey my luvz!!! This dress!!!!! ::Screams:: I love it- I mean I want to sleep in it- wake up in it- go to work in it- have all my Birthdays in it haha okay not all maybe 5- lol but you get the point!! This is the most amazing dress ever… The crystals beads were beautiful and the dress itself was transparent, so well made… it seriously fit me like a glove and to think I almost did not choose it because it was a size smaller than my normal size it was perfect, meant for me:)

When I was asked by New York’s MACKTAK MART to come in an choose a dress I was very exited because MACKTAK MART is one of the largest retailer for designer dresses with over 50 designers dresses for all types of events and occasions. So I knew I would love something and this dress was definitely love at first sight.

This shoot was pretty fun as well we shot in 3 different locations and boy oh boy did ppl stare.

What I wore; Jovani Crystal Dress F21 Nude Heels( Similar Here)

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