IC77 SOA inspired look


Hi Luvz!!! Yayyyyyy I’m back to outfit posts-  And  I indeed loved and enjoyed this shoot alot. First off let me just say that Sons Of Anarchy is one of the best shows on television hands down and again I thank the hubby for getting me hooked.  He watched the first season by himself because I refused to watch a “biker gang” show. I  thought it would be too much for me, then he told me it had a love story hahah -I was instantly sold.

Now we are in season 6 and I cannot get enough. It airs on FX at 10 pm on Tuesdays. But if you never saw the show I suggest you get it on netflix  and start from the first season. This show tickles every emotion in one hour -it’s incredible.  I never thought in a million years I would be doing an inspired look for SOA. and I would be doing so on a Harley Davidson’s bike ::Cheesing:: so happy I got to work with them, to make this shoot happen.  I also got to ride in the back of the bike which was so much fun it was a such an adrenaline rush guys, mind you I’m always saying how bikes are dangerous but after riding on one and doing this shoot, maybe  I’ll allow the hubbz to start his own bike crew and I will be his old  young lady but he can only ride on nice safe rubber tracks hahah.

P.S.  Charlie Hunnam  AKA Jax Teller one of the main characters in SOA will be starring in the popular book Fifty Shades of Grey …I guess I’ll start reading it now:)

More Info on the bike (Here)

Harley Davidson Website ( Here) “Thank you to Empire Harley Davidson of New Rochelle for the use of the Harley”

What I wore; Zara Leather Jacket (Old) Similar ( Here) HnM Leather pants Similar( Here) Crop Top; love this one (Here) F21 Booties  Similar ( Here) Sunnies HnM  love these (Here)

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