Hey Guys-So It’s almost that time again- Halloween!! I must say October is a very busy month for me because not only is it my sons birthday but that’s usually when we go apple picking and pumpkin picking -then next thing you know I’m preparing for Halloween. I love to get dressed up and be in character, but what usually happens to the costume is it stays in the back of my closet and I never wear it again- because who wants to be in the same thing twice:) especially after pictures.

That’s why I’m here to tell you all about an awesome clothing website called Salsit.com they thought of a brilliant idea which is to wear regular clothing as a costume so now you can definitely re- wear it and not have it sit in the back of your closet. Cool right? I’m all for it! I have included three of my favez. Michael Jackson who doesn’t love Micheal… 1920’s Flapper and a Sexy Vampire or Witch:) ….you can check the website (Here) to check out more costume ideas. They Have tons more!!! FYI All items can be purchased separately. Oh and its 30% off ALL halloween merchandise. *Happy Shopping*
1920's Flapper
Sexy Modern Vampire

You can visit them on Facebook Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest, Tumblr

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