Hey guys!! I have not worn overalls since I was 15 in High School and even though they were in style back then I don’t think they were my fave thing – plus they were so baggy gosh lol even though that was the look. So when I saw that they were now cool:)I wanted to try them out again but couldn’t find the perfect one that suits my style now- since clearly in H.S. I did not have any:/ even though I swore I did.

I searched and searched and ended up finding these cool babies from a UK website for a good price, I was so happy because I tend to not spend alot on trendy pieces. I love this fit so much that I will wear it forever as long as I remain this size that is!! hahah… Oh and honestly my overalls did not look this good in High School ( I’m Just sayin) Cant wait to rewear them this winter:)

Oh and my shipment was super fast and the quality is excellent oh and in UK sizes I’m an 8 which is a (small) in US incase you are wondering. The site (Here) Thank Me later;) or in the comment below love Ya!!

What I wore; Denim Overalls(Here) Cutest Elephant earrings ever(Here )HnM Bag & Turban Similar (Here) I love this beanie as an alternative(Here)

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