ic77believeinyourselfbk-029 (1)I just adore this sweatshirt, it’s super comfy+ beautiful incredibly chic and edgy plus the message is so powerful. This designer definitely knows how to create a fashion forward piece. Tuttie is super talented this sweatshirt was hand painted!!! Yes seriously- hand painted goshhhh, she deserves a million spotlights and I definitely see her doing big things in the future. Below is a lil info about this talented artist Enjoy!


me1)  First off I love your name!! Is there a story behind the name? Aww thank you! Tuttie is my real name. I was  born in 1988, a time when both my parents were real heavy into drugs (selling and using) unfortunately.

2)  What’s the name of your brand? And how did it all get started? The name of my brand is TuttieLu. The ‘Lu’ is in honor of my late grandmother Lucille. Sketching/art came naturally to me…I was drawing/painting from the time I could hold a pencil (I guess I inherited my artistic abilities from my father). Fashion came later, when I was about 8. It started with me stumbling upon an encyclopedia at my grandmother’s house that contained paper dolls. I began making clothing for them which sparked my love for fashion. It was then that I knew I would make this my life and I began learning as much as I could about my craft

3)What was the first item/clothing that you designed? The first item I design was actually a swimsuit. Growing up, I was always sketching designs but I had never sewn anything. I was in class sketching up designs one day (I was rarely on task lol) when my classmate sitting behind me asked to see my work. He hosted fashion shows on campus and asked me if I’d to design for it. I had never actually sewn anything up until that point (this was February 2013). But, I got a sewing machine and taught myself to sew in 3weeks. My designs were well received at the show that April which prompted me to dedicate my time fully to my dreams. I haven’t stopped sewing since.

ic77believeinyourselfbk-080 4)Describe your design style? My design style could be described sleek and sophisticated fused with just the right amount of edge and whimsy

5) Your sweatshirts are amazing so detailed-How long does it usually take to complete one? Thank you kindly, it takes roughly three days (day one is painting and drying, day two is beading, day three is about doing finishing touches)

6)What inspires you? I find inspiration in most everything. From a design standpoint, I tend to be inspired by everyday people. I love people with a story. If I don’t know their story, I will create one in my head; I may draw color inspiration from things around me at that time…a leaf on the ground, ect. I’m weird like that. Lol.

7)Have you attended a Fashion design school or a fashion program? I wish! No, I am among the poor. Lol. After graduating from high school, the plan was to move to Miami and attend a fashion design school. However reality set in, life happened and I realized that going to design school was expensive. I do plan to attend a design school in New York within the near future.

ic77believeinyourselfbk-023 8)Who are your favorite designers or fashion icons and why? I am a tad obsessed with the Harlem Renaissance so I have always been drawn to the style from that era. Billie Holiday does it for me More recently though I would have to say, our First Lady Michelle Obama

9)If your clothing line was launched what would it consist of? Ready to wear pieces, from tailored separates and dresses to eye catching swimwear

10)What do you foresee for the future of your brand? Growing. My focus is on longevity. I want to create beautiful pieces that will be around and still be fierce long after I am gone. In the future I foresee TuttieLu travel accessories (passport covers, luggage, carry ons ect) as well as home goods.

11) What’s one thing that every designer needs? A solid team. My team is extremely small but filled with nothing but supportive, like minded, successful (and not just by society’s standards), positive people. They are not only honest, but also real. Having a solid team is crucial and it is one thing I feel every person, not just designer, should have.

Fun Facts

ic77believeinyourselfbk-100 1) What are you wearing? One of those jogging suits that makes noise when I walk, a spray painted turtle neck, and tennis shoe stilettos….just kidding! I am wearing a pretty basic pair of dark denim jeans, a TuttieLu “Quality over Quantity’ sweatshirt, Converse sneakers and a black beanie…it was rather chilly here in Georgia when I left the house this morning

2)What celebrity would you love to have wear your design? In no particular order…Angela Bassett (her arms are gorgeous), Sandra Bullock, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lawerence, Jada Pinkett, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah, Ciara (she has amazing features…those legs…) Sofia Vergara,  Tika Sumpter, Kerry Washington, Lupita Nyongo and Naomi Harris

3)Can we see you in the future competing on a fashion reality show ? If so which one? I’m very open to exploring new opportunities. I could definitely see myself on a show like Project Runway…I’ve always wanted to participate in their “unconventional challenge” and if nothing else, just to hear Tim Gunn say “Make it Work!” and walk off

4)What do you do on your quiet time? Read. I LOVE a good book.

5)What’s your favorite movie? I have several…Lackawanna Blues, Harlem Nights, Devil in a Blue Dress, Which Way is Up, Men of Honor just to name a few.

6) Are you a mommy? Yes Indeed! He is my world and part of the reason that I go as hard as I do with my design dreams. I want to give him something to be proud of and know that, no matter what he decides to do, (with faith, prayer, hard work and sacrifice) he can make it happen because his mommy did it!


7)Last but not least, what do you think separates you from other designers? And what message would you like to say to other aspiring designers? I think that my passion and awareness separates me from other designers. While I am extremely passionate about making gorgeously tailored, beautiful pieces, I also have an awareness of what works on a woman’s body.  My advice to other aspiring designers-DO YOU and think future. Do not just design solely based off trends to get money for the moment, design with the future in mind, what will you leave behind?

Thanks so much for answering these questions. Where can my followers go to purchase your designs? The website is being revamped to better serve you, at the moment all inquiries can be emailed to TuttieRossDesigns@gmail.com  You can also follow me on Instgram: @TuttieLu as well as like my Facebook page @TuttieLu

What I Wore; Sweatshirt By Tuttie Lu, Jeans; Gap ( 9 yrs old)  Love these ( Here) Shoes   Lipstick Mac Magenta Pencil, gonna get this one ( Here) and ( Here)

Photos by LadCaps


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