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Anyway Today the Lovely Megan Barnes will be guest posting for IslandChic77  along with others who will be guest posting occasionally…

headshot (1)Megan Barnes is in her final year studying dressmaking and clothes design. She enjoys keeping up with the latest styles and fashions and hopes to one day be an industry influencer. Her articles mainly appear on fashion blogs where she enjoys reporting on trends and tricks to having a flattering wardrobe.



Versatile Fashion: Top Tips for Wearing Jumpsuits Anywhere

Jumpsuits are, once again, making a splash in the fashion world. The right jumpsuit has a way of being quite flattering. They come in multitudinous variations that create great versatility, meaning that with a little effort and patience, you can find the right style of jumpsuit for you. The versatility also means that you can wear them in almost every situation. The key is to find the jumpsuit that works best with your body type and situation.

This article will provide a few tips that will help you choose the right jumpsuit for you. Jumpsuits are like most other fashion pieces, in that no one piece is made for every woman. Choosing a jumpsuit that is not suitable for your body type or the specific occasion in which you are wearing it can turn into a catastrophe. By following some simple fashion rules and tips, you can find the right jumpsuit that will make you look fantastic.

Avoid Tuxedo Styles


According to Cosmopolitan, you should avoid the tuxedo style jumpsuits, especially those that are designed with pinstripes. Pinstripes don’t have the fashion impact for women that they do for men. There are styles that can be translated into a formal look, without having to turn to the tuxedo look.






3201303_White-BlazerAccent with a Vest

There are numerous ways to accent your jumpsuit with other fashion garments. According to Marie Claire, one of the most effective ways to accent your jumpsuit is to pair it with a vest. If you are wearing a solid colored jumpsuit, you can set it off with a printed vest. You can also choose to accent your jumper with a blazer. Wearing a blazer with your jumpsuit provides an immediate sense of style and class.





ffb56ed6Length is Important

According to eBay, choosing the right length is extremely important. One of the most common mistakes is shorter women attempting to wear their jumpsuits scraping the floor. This actually makes the legs look shorter. Taller women are able to get away with this – in most cases looking quite elegant in the process. When considering the length, you should also consider sleeve length. For women who have highly defined arms and shoulders, you should lean towards sleeveless jumpsuits or even halter top rompers. Long sleeve jumpers are great for providing a sense of elegance, while covering up some of those more troubling areas.

d6eddfc5-cb09-49c1-988b-e9376c8b16edStay Away from Print

You should stay away from multicolored jumpers – sticking with solid colors. Because of the fact that a jumper makes up both, the top and bottom, printed jumpsuits can become overly busy. Sticking will solid colors will allow your jumpsuit to remain subtly fashionable. If you want to add a little versatility as far as color is concerned, you can always use a Blazer or jewelry. If you absolutely insist on wearing a multi-color jumper, you should try block colors, but even then it should be done in moderation.

When it comes to solid colors, there is one color that you should avoid to a certain degree. Black is a very versatile color, but you should not wear all black. If you wear a black jumper, you should be sure to add some type of color to bring it out. Black does a great job in slimming your silhouette and it can appear exceptionally sophisticated, but you should use some type of contrasting color to bring out the darkness.

this one hereDon’t make it Your Second Skin

A jumpsuit that is skin tight ceases to be a jumpsuit and becomes a cat suit. This is not only tacky, it is an embarrassing moment waiting to happen. Even when you have a drop-dead-gorgeous figure, you can totally throw off your look with a tacky cat suit. There are awesome jumpsuits that fit in the exact right places to accentuate your figure in a classy and stylish way.





rita3Don’t Over Do It

One way to mess up a great look is by over accessorizing it. Coordinate your accessories with tact and moderation. When you go overboard, you detract from the suit and you confuse the look.

Kelly also did a great job in one of her recent post wearing a jean overall Here

Following these simple suggestions will ensure that you are able to find a number of jumpsuits that will be perfect for every occasion.




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