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So my season is rapidly approaching and I couldn’t be happier….Spring!! You all know I love bright colors after all I was born in the sunny Island of Jamaica where the more neon the better-so I’m exited that next seasons “It” color will be orange, yep orange. It’s the new lip color for Spring. It was seen all over the runway during NYFWSS14

Orange makes a very powerful statement. It’s a very happy color- I mean can you imagine anyone being upset wearing orange lipstick??? and if you say yes- then that person got sum issues lol that not even fashion cant help:/
I know for some it can seem intimidating but the color is actually very universal. It works for all skin tones, whether you are pale or dark or have yellow undertones. I do love nude lipsticks alot and red-but for days/nights when you want to feel like that cool New Yorker- skip the pink, reds and nudes which can be too sweet and pretty and opt for cool!!

Below I have listed where you can find each:)

Tip *To achieve a matte look use a hydrating color as your base and then a liner over the top to mattify it*

Thank me later!!

P.S.  So unrelated lol but who else is exited for the new season of Orange Is The New Black.






Revlon (Here)






Maybelline  (Here)

makeup for ever





Make Up For Ever  (Here)






Clinique    (Here)






Loreal (Here)






Urban Decay  (Here)

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