Hey my luvbugs!! Are you finished screaming yet?? LOl yes I cut off all my hair. Why? because change is good for you and life is about evolving and actively creating change, as well as learning how to go with the flow when inevitable change comes our way.I literally made this decision in a week yes one week this was not something I planned for awhile, which is usually what people do when it comes to making drastic decisions. But I was decisive and that’s a good thing. Of course when I ran the idea by my family members they objected because my hair was always really long if you have been following me for while then you know its always down my back. I almost changed my mind so I decided just to do it and they will be seeing it for the first time with you all today:)
I love the person I’m becoming and I encourage all of you to take risks with your fashion and hair- try not to get stuck in a rut. I’m not saying every change will be good ones but you tried, which means growth…plus if its your hair you can always get a wig:) Feel free to email me if you need encouragement or share this article with someone you think might need it.

On to this dress!!! I love it its sheer and sexy. I got it from my favorite Go- to website for fabulous dresses MackTack.com . I wore it to a Donna karan’s show/ event in NYC. everyone loved it including the beautiful Rita Ora who was in attendance. Sheer and lace is definitely this seasons biggest trend it’s very feminine and flirty which is why I just adore it:)

Dress I wore previously for MackTak.com (Here)

Pics by Lad Caps

What I wore: Dress Designer O’Blanc MackTak.com

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