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Hi My Luvz!
Yep two Post for ya in a week like a “BOSS” (RICK ROSS Voice). hahaha and for those of you that have no idea of what that even means lol ignore me- clearly I’m having a moment, but at least I’m happy even tho yesterday I was saddie for no reason whatsoever but it did help me to get my hubbz to cook my fave thing!! ( Score) I’m a normal girl y’all and this is sorta like my diary very therapeutic to me I love rambling to you guys so I hope you don’t mind even tho I still wont stop:)

On to my Puma sneakers which I so adore. I got them (Here). Puma has always been one of my favorite brands and my husband wears Puma as well. These are extremely comfortable and not totally sneaker looking which I like because I’m not a sneaker girl but these have changed me big time and I still managed to dress it up. Plus I think its important to wear and experiment with everything in my opinion because you never really know what works or is just a complete fail.

Photography by James A. Williams

What I wore Puma Suede (Here) Black Mini Dress (Here) & (Here) Joyce Leslie Varsity Jacket(old) (Similar) (Similar) Revlon Lipstick (Here)

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