Hey Luvz!!
So this was me on Memorial day. I wore this to the park with the fam bam with no intention of taking any pictures but the hubbz had the camera to take pix of lil man on his bike etc but somehow decided to shoot me too hahah. I figured what the hek I will show u guys what I look like dressed completely down in my trustee 2 yr old Converse that I love so much. I honestly cant believe there was a time I disliked them now I’m the proud owner of two.

We had so much fun on Memorial day we ate snacks and played with a frisbee- which decided to go in all sorts of directions other than straight since the hubbz decided to buy a cheap $1 frisbee from the Target dollar Aisle hahah. I was running so much- sweat out my hair and all. Oh then we found out lil man is afraid of bugs hilarious he kept running away it was too funny our goal is to have him not be afraid by the end of summer. We left the park and went to Chipolte lil mans fave fast food meal and ours we have been taking him since he was a baby so he eats all the toppings:) No McDonald’s for us!! Then we took him to Red Mango a Frozen yogurt spot for the first time- be careful guys becuz they weigh it when you’re done -its self serve so don’t O.D. and take alot like the hubbz did. The Nutella flavor is bomb!!! Xavier had maybe 3 or four spoons and couldn’t eat the rest:/ Smh

My holiday was amazing now time for this week to end.
Photography By James A. Williams

What I wore; Shirt Thrifted,(Similar) This one is cutesy (Here) Shorts Thrifted they were once pants DIY by the hubbz (Similar)(Similar) Belt Thrifted (Similar)(Similar) Sneaks Converse(Here) Bag Old F21 ( Similar) (Similar)(Similar) (Similar) Watch; Michael Kors (Here) Rayban sunglasses mothers day gift from Hubby (Similar) Lipgloss Bare Minerals “Survivor” (Here) Nail Polish; Sally Hansen (Here) Necklace H&M (Similar)

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