Hey Guys!! So as many of u know well my loyal faithful followers who follow me on all social outlets;) I participated in a spartan race roughly two weeks ago. I thought I was mentally and physically prepared for it since I did something I thought was similar two years ago called Run A Muck with lil to know exercise and did fairly decent but much to my surprise this spartan race was death omg no comparison at all and I did exercise!!! I never knew I had so much endurance and pain tolerance-well I did give birth without the use of an epidural (Like A Boss) so I mean lol ….but this race took will power I never appreciated water n bananas so much in my life haha but that’s what they give you at the end of the race..I ate 3 back to back. I was exhausted and had so many emotions, but guys I really did feel fulfilled. I’m so proud of my hubbz too and trust me he helped alot he kept telling me he I was strong and that I could finish the race -so I believed it. Would I do it again even though it was insane and I couldn’t breathe half the time plus I smelled like cow manure ….YESSS!!! but for now I’m just happy to cross it off my bucket list.

Now on to my ride:) I was so happy to have received the Kia Sorento it’s such a cool family car not your typical mini van. It’s super stylish and I loved the color we received too. It has a sun roof which was a major plus in my book which even has my son spoiled since he expects all cars to automatically have one.Oh it also had a window screen to block the sun from coming in. It’s very spacious. It fits seven ppl and you can even split fold the 2nd and 3rd rows. Cool right! I had tons of stuff in the back that we carried with us. This car is also very Tech- Savvy and you can even use google maps and send locations to your car by using a UVO phone app that works with it. Everything is super easy to maneuver and the lift gate is automatic so no need to use your hands which makes it easy to get things in and out of the car.

Photography By; James A. Williams

Wearing; H&M Tights, Old Navy Tee, Nike Sports Bra Puma Sneaks

KiA Soul Courtesy of; Kia.Com

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