Hey Hey Hey- So this is a quikie post to show you guys a few things that I’ve been using on my face that works wonders . Im always being asked what I use and this is it. I shared my face wash in this post (Here)  I usually almost always follow up with a face mask. These are all natural so perfect for everyday and my skin feels and looks amazing afterwards. Im in love with my revitalizing eye cream it goes on super soft and smells good too which I know odd for an eye cream but I love the smell …Im kinda obsessed with eye creams always on the hunt because no one wants wrinkles and bags righhhhhhht!!

I use my famous skin sucess cream which helps to fade my dark spots from acne. When my skin does breakout I can always count on Mario Badescu drying lotion and buffering lotion.  Dring Lotion are for white heads eeew and  the Buffering lotionI use for cystic pimples the huge ones that hurt underneath the skin…..I dab a little with a q-tip on my blemish and Voila!

Love u guys N thx for reading I promise to visit you all been busy eating sighhhh ;P

Who watched Sons Of Anarchy finale? I cried!!!

Natural repair mask (Here)

Revitalizing mask (Here)

Eye Cream (Here)

Hand Cream (Here) ( You will love this Hand cream- I promise)

Palmer Skin Sucess Cream (Here)

Buffering Lotion (Here)

Drying Lotion (Here)

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