ugly pig tailOh how I remember hating turtlenecks so much the thought of wearing it under my sweater or just plain by itself made me cringe. I did not find it to be fashionable at all. I felt frumpy when wearing it and no one could tell me I looked cute. Plus I remember them being hand me downs from other families at my kingdom hall (Church). I had them in all colors too lol.  I will never forget my 3rd grade school picture wearing a turquoise turtleneck with a bright purple and black sweater over it with black jeans and purple and white L A gear sneakers and of course two pigtails.The funny thing is I barely remember any of my peers wearingg turtlenecks but now when I look back I was actually a cool kid.


Turtlenecks are awesome when worn correctly  it’s so chic and sophisticated.Plus its definitely in “Trend” according to Vogue Magazine. {Forget Taking The Plunge. This Season ,Collars Inch North To Frame The Face}.A turtleneck  should be a statement piece in your closet. It is versatile enough to wear throughout the chilly  season and is a great item for a chic winter look.  – you can also find it in various styles, so you can easily switch out the plain ‘ol black turtleneck. It looks amazing with pencil skirts and tutu skirts and flare skirts haha you get my drift. It gives you a blank palette to show off your jewelry and those fantastic earrings. ( Just don’t do both)

How To Buy A Turtleneck Sweater

1)A slim-fitted, black,lightweight and not too chunky turtleneck sweater is a must in any woman’s wardrobe! It will blend well with what’s in your wardrobe And it’s slimming on all body figures!

turtleneckI super Love this Here Here & Here

Once you have secured your perfect black, add others neutrals to your wardrobe such beige/white, greys, dark blues and browns. Neutrals are perfect because you can rewear them a million ways. I adore the gray on gray look tres chic!


 I love these options Here &Here

And then solid colors like purple, red and mustard yellow – which are popular fall and winter colors. They’ll keep you covered for the colder months while adding a splash of color to your look.

Turtlenecks  can last a long time, just look for quality fabrics such as cashmere, merino wool blend or cotton-lycra-blend (slightly stretchy). They will be way more comfortable and will lessen the irritation on your  neck area. A sweater with some stretch will also give you a flattering fit.

We all are not perfect gosh why god why -lol- so for those of us with a slight muffin top  I gotchu 🙂 just opt for a more rigid fabric that camouflage your problem areas around the stomach, or you can wear a vest  over your turtleneck too. Like this one (Here) & (Here)


How To Flatter A Round Or Wide Face

Turtlenecks totally shows off  a wide or round face because it shortens your neck and your face, bringing attention to the shape.
1)  Wide Or Round Face Wearing your hair in an up-/ponytail looks best with turtlenecks to help expose more skin or if you have short hair/bob that works too.

(more skin = thinner and leaner) which will obviously make you look better! You can also wear a pair of  a long necklace to visually slim down your face shape…It’s all about the Illusion!!

2) Short Neck Both dark colors and neutrals such as beige, gray, olive or just anything similar to your skin tone can help slim and elongate your neck area, while still wearing  your hair in an up-do to avoid creating a wide “brick” proportion between your head and shoulder also other types of turtlenecks such as cowl and mock neck are best as well  since they will aid in revealing more skin and make it look longer.


Above I gave you a bunch a ways to style your turtlenecks I plan on re-doing my girl BrooklynBlonde’s look it’s so effortless… Turtlenecks; Here, Here, Here, Here Here Here & Here

P.S. Add some Sunnies to finish your look! I like these (Here) & (Here)


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