So can you believe it will be 10 degrees on valentine’s day here in NYC. That sucks on every level, like wtf how shall I be cute in Uggs   snow boots or a damn snorkel coat looking like an Eskimo. I mean valentines day is when ladies everywhere put on that sexy red dress and killer heels and their favorite scent that will drive their men crazy. Even though I prefer a nice form-fitting black dress on valentine’s day so as to not blend in with everyone else. Honestly guys the hubbz and I rarely go out and valentines day, I still do get dressed up and him or I cook a nice meal and usually follow that up with a movie. I suggest (Gone Girl) If you decide to stay home.

But this post will be great for those that may not have that special someone on valentine’s day but still want to treat and pamper them selves since it is a day for love right? I definitely will be waking up on  saturday and using all these goodies on my self  they are 100% all natural so super gentle on the skin- I’m obsessed with them.


Love this Facial Scrub, it’s very gentle on the skin it gets off all the dead skin

01-500x500 This Mask is everything -(Holy Grail)I usually follow-up with this it goes on very smooth and has a tingly feeling which reinforces to me that it’s working. It’s amazing  for sensitive and mature skin, this delicately blended mixture of natural ingredients will help hydrate your skin leaving you with a healthy glow.

Baarkhad_Mink_Oil_Face_Mask-500x500This ladies and gentlemen caught my attention because of the name plus its a Mineral Oil Mask which is excellent and does wonders for the skin, leaving it super supple. I have oily skin which I’ve been told several times that I will appreciate when I’m older lol …but a Sephora employee told me that oil combats oil as silly as it sounds so I’ve been on the hunt and tried using this-it works!

001-500x500Perfect Harmony Facial Cream definitely is a must have, its everything you want in a facial cream plus it works great under makeup which I wear everyday to work.  It’s nourishing and leaves the skin very hydrated but not greasy.  It has rose oil which has tons of great benefits …just serach on youtube:) I do have my beauty supply faves too that I  did a post about here but this is a nice one to have and it smells good and umm I adore the packaging.

01-500x500 (1)

Last but not least my lips …I love to lather this stuff on when I’m all done with my face, it can be used as an eye balm too but I love it on my lips and helps my lips from chapping during the winter months.

So their you have it- these products I guarantee will help with  looking your best!



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