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Hi Luvz- This post is long over due (Sorry) it’s been one of my most highly requested post and I’m just getting around to do it, better late than never right. I’m always being asked if I purchase my turbans already tied or if I did it, the answer is -I did it lol. It’s very easy and in this post I will show you a step by step on how it’s done.

I love wearing turbans especially on bad hair days or cold winter days when I don’t feel like putting on a hat and having hat hair when I take it off:/  A Turban still allows you to be chic and stylish. Funny story when I decided to cut my hair and asked my husband his thoughts, he said well you wear turbans and you look great with no hair on your face so yea maybe you can cut it:) & that ladies and gentlemen was my deciding factor on whether to cut my hair or not a year ago- lol.

Turbans are for everyone in my opinion because there are different ways to wear them obviously. Below are a few inspirations for ya!



Step 1) I always put a Du- Rag underneath my turbans which are totally optional.  They belong to the hubby lol. I do this step only because I like the to tie my hair with a softer wrap before adding a cotton scarf, plus in the winter months my head is super warm. In the Summer/Spring you can opt for a silky satin scarf.tornsweatercoopm_118

 *Make sure the ends of the Du-Rag are completely wrapped up*


Step 2) Fold one end of the scarf, so it looks like a triangle, the smaller the fold, the more fuller your turban will look. I like using very huge scarves for a nice fluffy Turban:)tornsweatercoopm_140Step 3) Bend your head forward  and place the folded end on the back of your head .

tornsweatercoopm_142tornsweatercoopm_145Step 4) Start twisting the scarf very tightly

tornsweatercoopm_156Step 5) Bend the scarf as if you are forming a circle.

tornsweatercoopm_161tornsweatercoopm_167*Keep Twisting*

tornsweatercoopm_171Step 6) Loosen the twist so it’s not so tight, that will create a fuller turban


tornsweatercoopm_172Step 7) Voila you are all done tuck in the ends of your scarf so it’s  nice and secure, make sure you tuck in your du- rag so it’s not showing.


I hope you guys found this tutorial helpful, please let me know if you still have questions or if you simply like this kind of post…I love u guys and I do it all for you!

Here are some scarves that are ideal for turbans and that I must have (Here) (Here) (Here) (Here) (Here)  (Here) (Here)

My Nightime routine (Here)



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