Okay is it just me, or are indoor malls the best ever goshhh- I hate outdoor malls ok (dislike). Here is why, indoor malls are great in the winter its provides a place of warmth when the temperatures are freezing and you don’t want to be home  or shop online and you can take your coat off and show off your outfit-totally the best part! In the Summer when it’s 100 degrees you can count on an indoor mall to be fully air-conditioned for you to shop comfortably. Took these photos after getting a few things for my self and the little one.

So lately I’ve been loving gray, see post (Here) this was a must have sweater when I saw it. The quality is amazing it’s so thick and looks very expensive up close. Ugh I wish I took a closeup of these boots its quilted and has gold zippers on the back, it’s a platform so super comfortable too- No worries you will see these again.




Photography James A Williams

My Night Time Routine & Fave products (Here)

What I wore; Romwe Sweater (Here) CR Jeans, (Similar)(Similar) (Similar) (Similar)

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