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Anywhooo lets talk about sunglasses since Spring is here and a fabulous pair of sunnies should be your “It accessory” …I’m currently obsessed (Sigh) I mean don’t get me wrong I have always loved sunglasses and collect quite a few actually but somehow didn’t like how they looked on me and they always seemed to leave a mark on my face when I took them off which would ruin my makeup ugh …so I wasn’t a fan until recently and now I can’t seem to stop wearing them. I mean lets face it-its’s evident that a pair of sunnies can be a major part of your look and can take it from a 5-10 instantly.  I think the problem a lot of women/men face is that we don’t always know the perfect sunnies for our face shape so it becomes difficult but below I will provide you with a guide so you can get your shop on lol 🙂

The Queens of Chic Sunnies


Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn, Anna Wintour Jackie Onassis

Step 1


The first thing you need to do is to figure out whats your face shape. Just grab your mirror and take a really long  look lol or just put your hair in a ponytail or slicked back,take a picture,print it out and draw a dot on each of the widest angled spots connect the lines and that will help determine your face shape- It actually works.

 Step 2

Okay so now that you know your shape Search celebrities/bloggers etc that share the same face shape as you and see what sunglasses they wear and copy the look. Yep time to shop!!

Oval–  Oval is considered to be the perfect shape your face is basically balanced so you can wear pretty much every pair of sunglasses on the face of the earth …Nice- Right! Just make sure its the perfect fit for your face and you can even get alil adventurous and try rocking a printed glasses. I actually have an oval face shape so I’m pretty lucky lol but my favorite sunnies would have to be the Cat Eye Shape or Round  Shape. sunnies

 Asos sunglasses Here | Sheinside Round Glasses Here  |  TomFord Glasses Here | Printed glasses Here & Here


Square Aviator Glasses are perfect for your shape since it is long and wide the narrow frames of an aviator will compliment your face very well giving the illusion of a more rounded look.  Since your shape is very strong you want a pair of sunnies that are soft. NO CAT EYE


Olivia Wilde 

Ray Bans Here | Round Glasses ASOS Round Sunglasses With Metal Bridge Detail – Tortoise

Heart Heart shape face is widest at the forehead and narrow at the jaw line. The chin is usually very pointy. This face shape can often times be considered a triangle shape too.  The perfect glasses that would compliment this shape would be a Cat Eye,  Butterfly,rounded  glasses or a square frame glasses such as wayfarers.


Reese Witherspoon

2010 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Cat Eye Here & ASOS Half Frame Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses – Black with gold | Wayfarers Here & Here |Rounded glasses ASOS Oversized Round Sunglasses – Tortoise | Butterfly Here

Round Round faces usually have a round chin so it’s not very angular. I think its one of the easiest face shape to spot.  The best glasses for this shape is square or rectangular shape No Round. 



Square Glasses Here | Rectangular Glasses ASOS Small Retro Sunglasses – Black

Diamond– I actually really like the shape maybe because just like an oval shape every shape pretty much works.Its usually wide at the cheekbones and narrow near the forehead and chin. Best glasses would be oval or cat eye shapes.



Cat Eye Here & Here  I own these ones Here  | Oval Here

Triangle This shape is usually narrow jaw line and wider foreheads. The best shape is round, squared  or rounded squares.


Victoria Beckham 

Round Glasses  Here | Round Squares Here & Here

There you have it- I hoped that helped you guys, feel free to ask me any additional questions too.

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