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How are you guys? I’m okay  for the most part, but alot has been happening on my end  and its starting to seem that every other day someone I know and care about is sick….. My sister’s son just passed away at 16 years old from brain cancer and  my nail technician, who I really care about just told me she has cancer today and that she will be doing chemotherapy next week. Oh and my friend who is in the hospital, has now been taken out of the ICU and now is placed in  respiratory recovery where she is learning how to breathe on her own, so that’s amazing.  I tell you all this, just so that you live each day to the fullest and not take life or each other for granted and be grateful for every small thing that comes your way. I know sometimes as a blogger either old in the game or new in the game gaining followers can be hard especially with so many  bloggers/vloggers out there, but even if you have 10 followers it may seem small but that’s 10 people who care about what you have to say, and that’s a freaking big deal! So be appreciative for the little things, so big things can come your way. xxxisc77amicbaths1_007-Edit-Edit

Moving onnnnnn! Summer is all about wearing swimsuits, right? or not lol. I must say it can be very hard to choose the right one, especially with so many styles out there. Now is a perfect time to get them since they are all on sale. I myself get confused, and I’m aware that not every swimsuit compliments my body and going through that process is hard, even if you are in the best shape of your life.

Can you imagine there was a time when swim suits look like this? but they are happy:)


What made it easy for me is actually choosing/looking at swimsuits that I love and what I think would compliment my body type. I’m obsessed with all things high- waist. (See here, here, here) so obviously I would gravitate towards a high waist swim suit…right? lol, especially because it’s so figure flattering for my body. I don’t think I have ever did a swimsuit post on the blog and I definitely feel exposed gohhh, but life is all about taking risks so here yah go.

6  Things You should Consider When Choosing A Swimsuit

1) If you are top-heavy (Big Chest) try chosing a swimsuit that supports your chest. A swimsuit with underwire would be ideal.  It should have structure so there is no malfunction while on the beach. Halter top swimsuits works best, it just might be a bit pricey for a really good one…Oh and if you want your hips to appear larger to match your chest for an hourglass shape ,then boyshorts should be your choice, any color.  I love these looks on my girl GabiFresh she is a total sweetheart!


Similar, Here +Here

2)If you have a smaller chest, try wearing a bathing suit that has print and a bit of padding in the cups. Ruffles or fringes are also great since they give the illusion of a bigger chest.

swimmySimilar; Here + Here +Here +Here+ Here

3) If you are pear-shaped and don’t really like your hips and butt which I really don’t know why anyone would have such a problem 🙂  Then you would need a bathing suit that  accentuate your tummy. Side cutouts sculpt the midsection and lessen the attention on your bottom half. Also a bandeau top will make the bust seem wider, so if you want to give the illusion of an hourglass shape,  you can go that route.


Similar {Here} {Here}{Here} {Here} Bandeau Swim {Here}

4)  Not all of us are blessed with large backsides  and you may do all the squats in the world and  still not satisfied:/ but ladies you can still rock a swimsuit and have heads turning. If you have a flat bottom, then you should opt for a  brighter color swimsuit, or one that has ruffles on the back or ruching to give the illusion of larger butt.  Also consider wearing a bikini that does not cover your entire butt (Covers Mouth Emoji) Yes!! show a little cheeks I promise you will look amazing.
3592107_origSimilar, Here Here Here

5) Okay so now on to the ladies who are(Straight up and down) which means your waist and your hips are close in measurements.  I know it can seem like a struggle, but there are several swimsuit options for your body type, such as halter top bikinis which will give your body shape while placing emphasis on your chest. Oh and similar to ruffles and prints, diagonal lines on your swimsuit will give the illusion of a smaller waist. Also try swimsuits with extra cup padding. Experiment with girlie colors and patterns, don’t go for a  shapeless one piece, instead a itty bitty bikini,all because, YOU CAN!!!  Please no bandeau top:)  try these options I suggested below.  Love me some Gisele Bundchen4588_2Gisele-Bundchen-post-babySimilar HereHere

6)  Last but not least my absolute favorite style ever high -waist swimsuits…. for women who are curvy and just need some extra Tummy Control or have love handles, this is the perfect swim suit for you. A high-waist can really do miraculous things for your bottom half, just make sure that it’s higher than your belly button to prevent love handles…cuz no body got time for dat!!! A One piece bathing suit can do the trick as well, try getting one with stripes  up and down it’s very flattering for the body. This will help elongate your torso and of course take all the emphasis off your stomach.

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn-monroe-in-swimsuit-19512Similar,Here, I have this one Here ,similar,Here + Here


So those were all my tips! I hope it was helpful feel free to email me to ask anything Happy swimsuit shopping!!

Photos by, James Williams


What I Wore; Swim Suit {Small} Here,  CR Heels {old}

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