It was just a couple of months ago that I was daydreaming about a trip to Paris. It’s at the  top of my bucket list as a place I just have to go to, especially because it’s one of the top cities for fashion. Sometimes I have a little daydream about going there, but I recently got a bit more serious about it and started making a plan. Ok, so it’s still mostly dreaming, but one day I’m sure I’ll make it to Paris. Here are some of the things I would have to do if I ever made it there one day.


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Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Week in Paris has to be the ultimate event to attend. When I’m able to go, it would be incredible to time my visit to match up with it. I could spend my time spotting models, designers and celebrities, and just admiring all the amazing outfits. I would see some shows, pick up on all the new trends and maybe do some shopping too. And, of course, I would blog about the whole thing! All of my readers would get to hear about it, so it would be like you were there with me.

Stay in a Stylish Hotel

If you’re going to spend your vacation in style, you should stay somewhere stylish too. Even though I’m all about the fashion, I also have a thing for interior design. So I’d love to stay in a boutique hotel for a luxury getaway. I can spend hours browsing and other websites to admire all the places I could stay in. There’s something exciting about staying in a different bed for a few nights – especially when it’s not your job to tidy and clean!


You can’t go to Paris without going shopping. There are so many places to shop though, that I don’t think I would know where to start. I would have to check out some of the top designers, but if I wanted to take some things home, I’d have to look for some bargains too. Apparently the place to go for designer stores is the Faubourg Saint-Honoré district, where you can find Versace, Hermés and all the good stuff. So I would have to head there first. But then there are trendy boutiques and eclectic markets I would have to search for too.

Paris t-shirt Islandchic77 photoshoot

Do a Photo-shoot by the Eiffel Tower

Taking some fashionable photos would be a must on a trip to Paris. And what place would be better than the iconic Eiffel Tower? After I’d been shopping, I would have to have a quick costume change and then mosey down to the tower to get some shots of my new fashion finds. They would definitely be photos to treasure forever, and it would be so exciting to share them with all of you.

One thing that I have learned is that any goal you have in life you must speak and act it into existence. I don’t have a date to go to Paris anytime soon, but I have a plan of action and that means it’s already on its way to existence. See you in Paris!


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