Hey My luv Bugs!

How are u guys? I’ve been going thru a whole lot gosh like wtf bee :/ I know your here basically for me to  talk about how fab this baby doll dress makes me feel, but you’re gonna have to wait for the second third or fourth paragraph lol…. You all are gonna be my therapist and I’m going to vent  like old times…Where my old followers at?? LOl I know you miss my rants:)

Last week most likely was the worst week evur gosh …Funny thing is I actually did not go to work on Monday, instead the hubb and I went on a date to the movies, we saw Jurassic Park World….such an excellent movie. I even cried a bit hahah -I know your like,really?Jurassic Park! but hey, I’m super emotional. (Don’t Judge Me) . Okay so Monday was good but on Sunday I got a heat rash, ugh yes -It was and still is so annoying.  I still have it but it’s less itchy this week so that was my struggle.



Then later in the week I had terrible stomach pains to the point that I couldn’t even walk, all while at work. I had a meeting and couldn’t even get up to go to the meeting …shits crazy.  Then on Thursday I went to visit my co-worker/friend at the hospital. She had walking pneumonia which then lead to kidney failure. She has been unable to breathe on her own for a month, so sad. She’s unable to talk and just recently moved her head and feet. When I saw her, all I could do was cry…I know, not really helpful but I felt awful and wished I could help her. All I wanted to do was to hold my son and tell my husband how much I love him.

That night I ended up having a bit of anxiety attack after seeing my friend in the hospital… I started feeling like I couldn’t breath:/ this continued into Friday, so I made an appointment with my doctor and he confirmed it’s just anxiety and that I’m fine and that all I needed was a drink (Alcohol) Sigh.  I felt better after hearing that and just said a prayer for my friend. I will visit her again this week,but I know I will be much stronger. Oh and she has a 2-year-old daughter, totally just breaks my heart.


Okay now on to my dress, so every summer I try to do an all white look …well…because …I love all white its just so classic and chic… I have done shorts, pencil skirts, dresses and now this baby doll dress. I will do one more all white look in August. I adore this dress it’s so cute and well made. The material is very nice. I wore this on Sunday when it was 90  degrees outside and I felt cool in this dress,it’s definitely the mesh. This is my second time wearing this dress and each time I wear it I’m constantly receiving compliments  all through out the day. It also has a slip/lining underneath. We took little man to have sushi in soho after we did some shopping and this is what I wore lol- yep setting the standards high for his future wife hehe.

islandchic77 Taking a Soho stroll in my White Baby Doll Dress

P.S. I’m wearing a (M)

Photos By, James A. Williams


What I Wore: Dress,  Mint Green bag, love this color  {Similar} and I’m getting these two  {Here} & {HereHeels Old Aldo {Similar} {Similar} {Similar}


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