isc77obeachshoot_021-EditHey Babeas!

I love going to the beach…It’s so relaxing I can literally stay out there all day long with the loves of my life! Usually we get up extremely early so we can secure a nice spot on the beach. I almost always bring a huge umbrella and chairs…Im defitely not that girl laying on a towel in the sand….Im not about that tan life hahah…. I try to  protect my skin from the sun as much as possible. I dont always wear sunscreen…I know bad me lol…. But I  wear a huge sun hat and glasses and stay under my umbrella and read and eat my life away. Can you guys recommend a good sunscreen? The hubbz and I have bought sunscreen in the past and it literally turns our skin white…ugh so I gave up.


I must admit bikini bathing suits are not my fave, I prefer High Waist Bathing Suits personally for my body type. But I have being seeing everyone with these suits and I just hasdto have it, plus I was sold at the colors. I also was surprised how great the bust section fit me. It had just enough padding without looking like I’m  desperately trying to get attention at the beach.


Oh in case you guys are wondering my girlfriend who had Pneomnia is doing much better. She is moving her arms now and talking so thanks for the thoughtful emails, you guys are amazing.

What I Wore: Swim Suit {Here} Sunglasses {Here}



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