I just love getting dressed for a special occasion. It’s a great excuse to put a lovely outfit together and wear my favorite accessories. Accessorizing can really help to enhance and outfit and make it look so much better in just a few simple steps. Here’s how I accessorize for a special occasion:

Hair to Suit the Neckline


Your hair is just as much an accessory as anything else you wear! The way you wear it can make a huge difference to your look! I always consider my neckline when deciding how to style my hair for a special occasion. If the neckline is quite high, an up-do can look great – it really helps to show off the outfit. A bandeau style neckline can look great with both. An up-do could show off delicate shoulders and collarbones, but having your hair down can look carefree and pretty. If you’re unsure of what to do, take a look at sites like Pinterest for inspo like me!

up dos

Hair Accessories

If your outfit is fairly plain, you can get away with some pretty hair accessories. Sometimes I like to wear pretty clips in an updo, or a nice headband to keep my hair out of my face. Hair accessories aren’t always necessary, but they can make things more interesting if you’re getting dressed up.

Watches and Bangles

I always wear a watch, wherever I’m going and whatever the occasion! I love the Shinola watches for women, as they can be dressed up or down depending on what you’re doing. I sometimes like to layer up bangles on the same arm too, to help create a little bit of an arm party.3


I like to have a collection of rings so I know I have choice when it comes to styling them up. Every girl should have a few statement rings and a few plain/stacking rings to create a layered look. Depending on how plain my outfit is, I don’t always need to wear a lot of them. But it can be really fun to play about with placement and see what they look like!



Earrings are a must. If my outfit is already quite fussy and complicated, I’ll wear a simple pair just to set things off. However, I like to wear a more statement pair if I can get away with it. If I’m having my hair up, I like to wear dangly earrings to enhance the look. Sometimes, a pair of oversized studs can look great too! Don’t forget your earrings ladies!

Bags and Shoes

Bags and shoes are two of my favorite things. I love to match the both of them so they tie into whatever I’m wearing seamlessly. However, if I’m making a statement with them, I tend to go easier on the jewelry. If they are quite plain, I’ll get glammed up a little more. I want to look put together, not trashy!Ribbet collage

I hope you enjoyed my tips and they’ve given you a few ideas for your next special event!


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