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Few pieces of clothing outside your basic items can be worn in many different ways. The kaftan is one such item of clothing. Dating back to ancient times, this robe like garment has come a long way. Originally a symbol of luxury, it is now associated with style. Here’s how you can make the most out of your kaftan so you can wear it over and over.



  1. Take it to the beach– With its long, flowing and sheer material many kaftans make for the perfect cover-up for swim wear.
  2. Streamline the look– Short kaftans are wonderful pieces, but tend to be loose-fitting. Taper things down by wearing it over slim pants.
  3. The short side– Airy and light, these pieces are perfect for warm days. Match it up with a pair of your favorite hot pants for a cool and laid back summer look.
  4. Keep warm– Although this piece is perfect for the warm weather it can be worn during colder times as well. Slip on a pair of leggings underneath for instant warmth and glam.
  5. Top it off– Another way to keep the chill away is by topping off your kaftan with a sweater or jacket. Denim, leather or even a light knit will do wonders.
  6. Layer things– If your kaftan of choice tends to be on the sheer side you can layer it over a slip dress to provide more coverage and create a silhouette as well.
  7. Add form– For a more flattering look, accentuate your waist. Most kaftans come with a sash around the waist, but if yours does not, you can always use a belt or scarf to define your waist.
  8. Knot things up– No belt or scarf available? Just gather up enough fabric from your kaftan to make a knot. This will immediately tighten the garment in the area of the knot to show off your figure better.
  9. Keep it open– For robe type kaftans, wear it over pants and a shirt and skip the belt or sash. This makes a great alternative to your usual shawl or jacket.
  10. Pump up the color– Add an extra splash of color to your outfit by wearing a colorful tank top underneath your kaftan.


If the shoe fits….


  1. Slip on flat sandals– For a casual everyday look that will go anywhere from running errands to the beach, put on a pair of flat sandals.
  2. Add some flair– If you’re looking for something a bit dressier for lunch out with the girls or afternoon tea, wear your kaftan with a pair of embellished flats or gladiator sandals.
  3. Get fancy– Step things up and take your kaftan from casual to formal by putting on strappy heels or stilettos.
  4. Meet halfway– Want to add some height while still keeping your look casual? Go for wedges. These comfortable shoes are casual enough for daily use but add height just like heels do.
  5. Go nude– for ladies who are petite or want to make their legs look longer, nude heels are the perfect choice for a kaftan. It gives the illusion of continuity thanks to the skin tone color.


Kaftan Friendly Accessories


  1. Bag it– No ensemble is complete without a bag. Since kaftans are a statement in themselves, keep your bag low key. A clutch is your best bet since it is small, compact and does not grab much attention.
  2. It’s a wrap– Give yourself a complete boho look by putting on a head scarf. This is makes a great accessory especially if you want that laid back retro look.
  3. Be bold– Stand out all the way by wearing bold jewelry with your kaftan. Statement necklaces in bright colors are a good choice. Stacked bangles, dangling earrings, arm cuffs and large rings also compliment this piece very well.
  4. Put a hat on– Keep cool by putting on a hat when you wear your kaftan. Whether it’s a wide brimmed hat or a slick fedora, this accessory will top off your outfit perfectly.
  5. Don’t forget your sunnies– No matter how you decide to wear your kaftan, sunglasses will always go with it! This simple accessory won’t just keep the sun out of your eyes it will keep you looking cool as well.

Kaftans are extremely versatile. It is a wonderful piece to have in your wardrobe as it is an expression of style and individuality as well. Have some fun by trying out different looks with it.

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