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Traditionally worn under your outfits, bodysuits have now made a comeback but not in the way you might expect. They are being worn on top and are combined with the lace up feature. That has easily made these the hottest trend of the season. It was actually Kim Kardashian who, wearing it to Paris Fashion Week, gave it the well-deserved popularity. The star looked amazingly sexy, having carried it very well. But then, what else can we expect from Kim? Soon after, the style was seen on models and bloggers likewise.


Kim Kardashian at the Paris Fashion Week 

Similar Bodysuit Here

We may be no Kim, or even Rihanna for that matter, but when it comes to lace up bodysuits, I am pretty sure we can pull them off just as well. Not everyone may consider bodysuits on their own maybe because they are not suitable enough for daily, outdoor wear. However, couple them up with another piece and you are ready to make heads turn. In fact, you can pair off just one bodysuit differently to get totally unique looks. Allow me to inspire you.

Lace Up Bodysuit With High Waisted Skinnies


ASOS Body With Lace Up Front

With the bodysuit accentuating your upper body, this pair of high waisted skinny jeans helps show off the torso well.


Lace Up Bodysuit With Floral Pants



Similar Bodysuit Here

This loose pair of floral pants brings down the look, highlighting the black bodysuit.

Lace Up Bodysuit With Skirt



Similar Bodysuit Here
This black leather skirt goes perfectly well with the bodysuit. It gives off a hot, expensive look.


Similar Body Suit Here
Paired off with a denim skirt makes the outfit somewhat casual.

Lace Up Bodysuit With Shorts



Similar Bodysuit Here

These shorts with tassels hanging from them the pocket make the look casual, yet it is not provocative since the bottom kind of offsets the black suit.


Similar Bodysuit Here

If you are looking for a bolder look, go for these shorter than short shorts.

Lace Up Bodysuit With a Cover Up



Asos Missguided Lace Up Body With Fluted Sleeve


The coat here is taking over the look. So while you want to keep up with the lace up bodysuit trend, yet you are not so sure about revealing that much, something over the outfit could tone down the look.

To top off your outfit, add sunglasses to the look, making sure that they are going with your face cut. Shoes should also be chosen accordingly. Heels? Booties? Or maybe flat sandals will complement better?
So. Time to spice up your wardrobe, yeah?

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