IslandChic77 Maxi Skirt GrassFieldsHey My Loves!

How are you guys doing?! Honestly last week was the  busiest week ever. It’s always non stop around this time of year.  Xavier’s Birthday was on Thursday October 1st. James and I were running around like a chicken without a head for 4 days, trying to make sure  his party which we kept at his school was absolutely perfect and it was.  James did face painting for the kids and I was the entertainer for the afternoon, teaching the kids to do the “Nae Nae” which by the way, they were better at the dance than me.  They loved it. I also was stressed about having the perfect cake for his  5th birthday since our usual baker was not available, but I’m glad how things worked out, because Morgan did a phenomenal job you guys, she brought our vision to life. The sticks are candles incase you’re wondering:)(null)

Cake by, Morgan

IslandChic77 Maxi Skirt GrassFields

Okay, now… lets talk about this fabulous  Maxi Skirt that I want to live in all day and night because it’s that amazing. Guys I can’t even begin to tell you how in love I am with this skirt. First of all the fit is everything. It will definitely flatter every figure because it cinched the waist, as if you are wearing a corset, sounds sexy huh? I was so surprised by the length of the skirt too, because maxi skirts are almost always a tad bit long for me, which means I have to hem it, or it usually drags on the floor. This one was just right, no dragging what-so- ever. I’m 5’4 and 1/2.  Oh can  we also talk about how much volume it has, I die for tulle skirts so this is skirt just makes me sooo happy!!IslandChic77 Maxi Skirt GrassFields

I decided to run some errands while I was in the city, I got so many stares and questions about this skirt. I was also very comfortable too and loved the fact that it had pockets. This skirt can be dressed up or down, I can so see my self wearing it  to a spring/summer wedding.IslandChic77 Maxi Skirt GrassFields

I later decided to do a lil shopping, I’m on the hunt for some leather pants. Hubby caught me right as I was about to enter the store 🙂

IslandChic77 Maxi Skirt GrassFields

Thanks For Reading You guys!

Denim Shirts Inspiration: {Here}

Photos By James A. Williams

What I Wore; Skirt, Here Denim Top, Here, Similar, Here

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