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So this happened on Halloween!!! Toni Braxton Reposted my costume of her…How effin cool! I was literally besides my self, becasuse I really wanted her to notice, but didn’t actually think she would, but with the help of you guys @’ing her on IG, she or her staff noticed the pic. which landed me on the popular page…Oh yeah.. Oh yeahh… hahah…please be happy with me:)


So last Saturday was Halloween and I didn’t want to be the usual sexy nurse, teacher, cheerleader lol like everyone else even though I was tempted to be a flapper, considering I have short hair and all.  This year though, I was dead set on being my favorite R&B singer of all time. Ms. Toni Braxton. I love her to pieces and so does my husband, we grew up listening to her and we both owned her very first album Here. I met her 4 years ago at my old job, she was visiting a radio station in my building and I ran into her in the lobby, she was so nice and even agreed to talk to my husband on the phone, after telling her how much of a fan he was. Who does that? I know! Toni does.


Basically to pull off her iconic look you must own. 1) A pair of HighWaist Jeans 2) Chain Belt. 3) White Tank top/Bodysuit 4)Leather Jacket  which at this point you should already own since I stressed the importance of owning one here. I decided to add my fave red heels to complete this look, plus red, white and black just works all the dammm time, but you honestly could wear any color shoe with this look.


I was on the hunt for this belt but could only find them individually, they literally came on Friday the day before actual Halloween, I was too happy because without the belt, the look really wouldn’t make sense. Saturday the hubbz and I woke up early to do this shoot, we made edits, and went straight to a Halloween parade with our lil one. I was exhausted by the end of the day.Xavier wanted to be Miles FromTomorrow Land the same character he wanted for his birthday.


I had the best time pretending to be my idol for the day,and was super grateful for all the great comments, and shares I received too. Now I’m already planning for next year:)


Outfit; Leather Jacket; {Here} {Here} Jeans  {Here} {Here} Tank Top, {Here} Lipstick {Here}

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