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So I’ve been MIA please forgive me {Prayer Hands Emoji} but Ive been sick for a whole entire week, yep a whole goddamn week, like wtf  yo, lol. Ugh…I was so annoyed even went on twitter to complain and to ask for cold remedies. I rarely get sicky, so I forgot what it feels like, and how much it sucks. This time around I lost my voice an all that ish. Actually while taking these pix,I had no voice at all, just a tiny whisper. But  it’s mandatory to have Fall photos for the blog and I didn’t want to miss the trees putting on a show, looking all pretty, so I forced myself to get dressed, put makeup on and do the damn thing  like a “GirlBoss”. The funny thing is I loved the way my makeup looked when I was all done, to the point that I did not want to wash it off when i got home. The hubbz then decided to take me into the city. We went to a cute little place near canal street called “Sanctuary T” very cute place. We had tea and a pastry along with it. It was heavenly.

Islandchic77 fall 2015 beige shoes flared skirt

I got so much attention in this flared skirt you guys which you already know is from my favorite store.

Flared Skirts are my absolute fave because it does the speaking for you, especially if it has a bold print. I love flared mini skirts as well, its super flirty. But not everyone likes mini skirts because it’s short, and they may not like their legs, as well as some women hate long, because it can tend to overwhelm their petite frame. So obviously the midi length is the perfect choice since it shows off the calf which is the thinnest part of your legs. Either way flared skirts are so flattering and timeless as well. A woman will always look put together while wearing one.Islandchic77 fall 2015 beige shoes flared skirt

One huge reason I love flared skirts is because they are versatile. They can be worn to any occasion, brunch, work, dinner, wedding you name it. It really depends on the fabric, if you want a more a playful look you would choose a tulle style which can work for a younger age group, while cotton and satin will give off a more high fashioned look. When I’m styling a flared skirt I always make sure my shirt/top is tighter to creates a nice balance and  to show off my shape as well. My flared Minis are usually pretty short, so I like to wear a less revealing top, because every woman should know the number one rule, when showing legs you never show cleavage or too much skin on top.

Below are a bunch of ways I wore my flared skirts hopefully I have left you inspired. Please tag me or comment if you decide to try out any of  these looks.

Flared Skirts Inspiration

bat girl

ic77BXeaster2015_057 (1)



Fall theme

spring vibes

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Photos, By James A Williams

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