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So I’m completely better -yay!! Can’t thank you enough for your great remedies lol. Okay… so I’m totally wearing my three favorite things, leather,crop top and plaid!! How awesome are these leather overalls ?! I’m super in love with them. Funny thing is I have had these for two years and never worn them…I know, seriously what the hell? I remember the day I bought them too, it was a friday afternoon and I decided to go to H&M for random crap as always, and I saw a girl in the line in front of me with these overalls, in hand. I immediately left the line and got one for myself, it was definitely an impulse buy but a great one obviously.

IslandChic77 Leather Overalls Red Flannel Shirt

I never knew there would be a time that the thought of wearing  leather overalls would excite me, or just overalls in general especially since I hated  wearing it in the 90’s. I had a pair from old navy that were super baggy and just looked awful on me but so did every one else who wore them hahha. I even wore it with one strap hanging down, I pretty much looked like this . (Covers Face)


TLC (Love them)

How To Wear Leather Overalls

I strongly believe that the reason I had these overalls for so long in my closet, was one, I forgot about them and two, I had no idea how I wanted to wear them in the first place.  Wearing overalls is  definitely considered to be a fashion risk, especially leather ones. But if styled right you can look amazing and still grown up. Try pairing them with a simple T-Shirt and colorful heels or a fitted turtleneck or a textured  warm coat for colder days. A sexy sheer blouse for a more nighttime look can look stunning as well.  Still not inspired? Take a look at my Pinterst here.

IslandChic77 Leather Overalls Red Flannel Shirt

Deets✨ Watch by @swatchus /Arm Candy @hm

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IslandChic77 Leather Overalls Red Flannel Shirt

We took these pix in Harlem which is becoming my favorite place. We had brunch  with my lil one, and did some shopping:) I also met up with a friend later that night ,so I ditched the plaid shirt for a more sexier night-time look. I hope you all are inspired to wear leather overalls!!. If you do please email me or tag me on Facebook.(I’m serious) I would love to see.

Pictures By James A. Williams

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What I wore;Faux Overalls H&M Old- {Similar} {Similar} Crop top {Similar}{Similar}love this top {Here} Plaid Shirt {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} Steve Madden Heels {Similar} {Similar} Swatch Watch ,Lipstick {Here}

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