Hey My loves!!! I cant believe this is my very first post for the new year, I’m so proud of myself and I hope just by seeing me in all my cute Nike gear lol, will make you want to get out of bed and workout too, after all, summer bodies were made in the winter. Right? 🙂 I know it’s hard to stick to a routine especially during colder months which is usually an excuse we tell our selves just to procrastinate a bit longer, but if you want something really bad you have to put in that work, and trust me having cute workout clothes definitely helps. Also telling the world that you are about to start a fitness journey makes you more accountable and you are more likely to stick with it. I’ve always been a fan of working out my problem is staying motivated to continue, but honestly I have eaten so terrible during the holidays that it’s time I get up and get started no matter what season. Below are my 5 Tips to help you stay motivated for the whole year!!




Consistency Is Key

We all know that 90% of being successful is actually showing up and getting the work done. The same goes for your workout, by showing up and being consistent half the work is done. Often times to keep consistent trainers can be a huge asset, they will hold you responsible for showing up to an appoitment. Your significant other, friend or family member can also be that source of encouragement which will help you stay on track to be consistent with your workout. My hubby is my biggest cheerleader,he keeps me in check, and wakes me up in the mornings when I pretend not to hear the alarm ::Covers Eyes Emoji::


Take things slow you will get there

I know for certain that this generation loves immediate gratification or else we give up. We love quick results and I must admit I’m one of those people. I would do 50 squats in the morning and check the mirror to see if its working lol. Thats’s why its important to pace yourself.  You are more likely to stay motivated if you don’t burn yourself out in the beginning of the year only to stop because it’s February or March and you are not seeing the results you expected. Take your time, I know you may want to wake up every morning at 6am to work out, but start off with once or twice a week and build yourself up to an actual routine that you will for sure stick to. I suggest siging up for a few yoga classes, or kickboxing classes whatever you  find intersting once a week and gradually you will start feeling inspired to do even more and suddenly, to workout will become lifestyle.


Invest in cute workout gear

Trust me, owning cute workout clothes will give you all the motivation in the world to exercise and stay fit. They are so many cute styles and unique colors to choose from too. Also invest in a good pair of sneakers that are comfortable and looks good at the same time. I love nike…well because, who doesn’t? I’m wearing the fly knit4.0 they feel amazing, I’ve been wearing them to run errands on the wkds too actually my little trick to getting the most out of workout clothes is wearing them whenever I can you will automatically look cool without trying, and if you happen to run into an old friend  running errand at least you wont be caught out there with an old t-shirt and sweats you will still look great. I also suggest keeping your sneaker in plain sight so when you wake up in the morning its the first thing you see by your bed or take it to work so there is no excuse not to get a workout in when you can.

DSC_0056Goals are important

I know for a fact that, what usually gets people motivated to workout out is having an actual goal, whether they are getting married in a few months or going on a Caribbean vacation which requires your uniform to be teeny-weeny bikinis people usually need to set small goals for themselves, in order to keep going. My obvious goal is looking good for you guys lol and actually feeling comfortable in my skin. I also plan on doing more bathing suit posts in the summer and I want to be in the best shape possible for myself. I also have a five-year old and I want to be able to keep up with him in the park and not lose my breath while playing tag with him. I  would love to do a marathon this year or some form of physical activity. What are your goals? What keeps you motivated?


Music is life

I don’t know about you,but I cannot do any sort of workout without music. The louder the better. It’s been proven that the volume increases endurance and performance. I love listening to hardcore hip hop and reggae music while I workout. Listening to upbeat music certainly distracts you and has more information for our brains to process. Music definitely puts you in the zone and elevates your mood. It also helps you to keep a steady pace while you workout. I know it works for me when I run, I find myself stopping to do a little dance routine hahah.


Make your workout fun

I suggest not even calling it a workout, lets call it play time for adults hahah. Your workout should be fun, always. There should be something new that you that you are incorporating each time, because lets face it you will get bored and unmotivated. I personally have zero time to go to the gym so Iv’e been going outdoors, yes, in the cold but once you have the right workout clothes you are good to go. Plus you burn more calories working out in the cold {Thank Me Later} google it!


Thanks For Reading you guys! Hopefully this post left you motivated to start the new year off right. Set goals for yourself and take your time, you will see results if you are consistent.

Love u guys!

Photos By, James A Williams

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