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Hey Guys! So the last time I did a post I shared with you all some great ways I keep myself motivated, especially during harsh winter months. I hope you already have started your fitness routine as well. I decided to also workout with a trainer to move things along a little faster. The first time I met up with Jonathan, he decided to have me train outside. The weather wasn’t too terrible so it worked out perfectly.  We basically did a full body training and a bit of yoga poses to stretch the muscles before we worked out.

Why you should Stretch

Stretching is important but often times neglected. Stretching definitely creates better mobility in the joints and flexibility in the muscles, always start and end your workout with a good stretch.

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Performance Enhancement through Agility Training

DSC_0067 (9)In most sports,athletes must possess an adequate level of agility in order to perform their best. Through agility training, they can increase the efficiency of certain movements and techniques required in their sport to make them better players. However, not only athletes can benefit from agility training. An individual with a higher level of agility can perform day-to day tasks better than someone whose agility is not as developed. So including agility training in your workouts will enhance your overall performance.DSC_0049-2

Rewarding yourself  is important

I swear you guys this exercise kicked my behind especially when I had to move fast and really concentrate on my form. I struggle with maintaining the perfect form when I do an excercise so having a trainer by my side really helps, having someone assist you makes the  movement much more effective. I would love you all to try out this workout routine, so if you decide to go my route, and invest in a trainer you can suggest this to he or she. I definitely need to take a before and after shot as well so I can track my progress. I encourage you guys to do the same. Oh and please reward your self after you workout, it’s important. You don’t have to do so every single time of course, but once you reached a fitness goal, then go ahead and treat yourself. It may be just going down a size in your jeans, and that deserves a celebration. So go ahead and buy that new top or purchase those designer sunnies you have been eyeing or simply treat yourself to a massage, as long as you do something nice for you.

FYI: Jonathan works in the NYC area and can be reached here jonathanblakefitness@gmail.com or check him out here {Jonathan’s Instagram}

Photos By; James A Williams

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