Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could bring your career and passion together? Well, you can do it!  It’s just a case of finding the perfect role for your personality and passion. Of course, you’re probably thinking that’s easier said than done, right? But the truth is that it’s much easier than you would think to find a career that links to your passion. It’s just a case of knowing your options.

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We all know I’m obsessed with fashion, and chances are, if you’re on this site, so are you 🙂 I thought I would share a few of the best fashion-related jobs. There are plenty to choose from, so no matter what your strengths and weaknesses, one of these should be perfect for you.

Personal shopper

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Do you ever see people on the street and wish that you could help them to find the perfect outfit? Do you imagine how you’d dress each person that you pass? Well then, working as a personal shopper could be perfect for you. While not all stores have personal shoppers, most bigger ones and department stores do.


The great thing about being a personal shopper, aside from the fact that you get to work with clothes all day long, is that you get to help people. Not everyone is as good with fashion as others, and so, need a little extra help when it comes to what they look best in. To be a personal shopper, you’ll need to be friendly and polite. You’ll also need to like the idea of working closely with a range of people,plus you ending making good connections.

Fashion store assistant


If you want to get a chance to see all the newest trends before they hit the streets, working as a store assistant is perfect for you. Yes, it will require you to fold clothes and stack shelves. But this type of role will also give you exclusive access to seeing all the newest trends before anyone else.

The best thing about working as a store assistant is that there are plenty of opportunities. Stores always need more members of staff, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities out there. Plus, once you’ve got some experience, you’ll also find lots of chances for career advancement.

Business owner

Have you always dreamed of running your own fashion boutique? Yes, then why not do it? Don’t make the mistake of launching an actual fashion store, instead, start one online. That way, the startup costs will be much lower, and you can get your new venture up and running more quickly.


Find yourself a business mentor, get a website built and start looking for wholesale companies to work with. As well as stocking clothing, it’s also a good idea to offer a range of accessories too. This will help to boost your sales and customers, as you’ll have a wider variety to offer. For a wide range of accessories, including wholesale silver necklaces, check these ones I found online. Look at the various brands, and work out which ones you like best, and then contact them to find out their prices. Once you’ve found a few brands that you like and can afford to stock, start building up a small amount of stock. That way, you can guarantee that your customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

Fashion blogger

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And last but not least, one of the best ways to work in the fashion industry is by launching a fashion blog. Of course, to do this, you need to ensure that you have a good knowledge of all the latest trends and styles. You also need to ensure that you can build a good-quality blog and produce content of a high-quality on a regular basis.

While you can make a good income from blogging, it can take a while to build your blog up. So be prepared to wait a few months before you start seeing any income coming in from your work. It might take time, but if you work hard and put in as much effort as possible, you can turn your fashion blog into a profitable business.

Beyonce-dancing-GIFSo there you have it, all the best fashion-related jobs.



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